Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I bought nine boxes at WalMart today.

I will NOT pack their things in garbage bags.

And no....I still know nothing. I'm just trying to be prepared for either way this could shake out. The biggest bummer is that I can't put my vacation on hold until the 12th. Plans have been put in place for the rest of my children and all their cousins.  I'm leaving for Iowa on Friday no matter what.


Our Journey said...

Continuing to pray those precious babes are back in your arms to leave for vacation on Friday!!!

nicole said...

a decision before friday would be awesome but you and your kiddos need to go and play and make happy memories together. try to let go of the guilt of not having D and D with you. you did all you could. another yucky part of being in and with the system.

C Dawn's bucket said...

So very hard! You don't know me but I pray for you often. I think you are making the right decision to go forward with your plans. You can't put your life on hold while they are getting their act together. It is a sad truth that those in the system are seldom aware of the damage and trauma that they are imposing upon many of the children they are supposed to be helping.