Monday, July 2, 2012

Investigation update

I figured I'd give this one a classy headline. I already used "No News" once.   :)

The following is a string of emails I sent and received today in hopes of finding out what is going on with my investigation.
I probably shouldn't put things out like this on the net almost word for word. But part of what I hope to accomplish with my blog is painting a realistic picture of what it looks like when you hold hands with The System. This is what I'm going through...

Me to Rainbow:
I need some advice --
Do I need to pack up all the things for Dude, Dolly & Pumpkin? It's not something I want to leave for my husband to do by himself and I'm leaving for Iowa on Friday.
Or is there a chance these three could come back to my home yet this week? (If we are given the OK for them to come back while I'm in Iowa that will be complicated. I'm not sure how we'd be able to handle things.)

Rainbow to Me:
Well, it's hard to tell. They only have 30 days to finish their investigation, so it should not be much longer.
Since it could go either way, it is up to you whether you want to pack all of their stuff or not.
If the kids are allowed back in the home, Pumpkin will be able to stay at the foster home she's at now until you are back from vacation. The little ones could most likely also stay with who they are with now until you return.

Me to Rainbow:
Just to check then -- when did this investigation first start "officially"? I'd like to know when I can expect the 30 days to be up.
I called the Hotline on June 4th. I saw the investigator in my home (in regards to MY HOME) on June 14. When did the 30 days start?

Rainbow to Me:
We are not given that information, but I am guessing the 15th, since she was at your home the 14th.

Me to Rainbow:
Is there any way the agency director can help find out where this is going then? I really, really NEED to know whether or not to pack their things or not. I cannot leave that job for Mr. Amazing. He's a terrific dad. But he won't know how to separate everything between the children.
Also, if there is a chance that the kids will come back to my home, I have to plan for that accordingly over my vacation. I want to bring them with me like I promised them. I can't imagine the fallout if they are "returned" to me but didn't get to go on vacation. I would cut things short if necessary but I need to plan for that from the beginning.
Surely someone can find out where this investigation is headed?????

Rainbow to Me:
We do not hear from the investigators because we are not supposed to know, and are not allowed to tell you if we did. I already asked the agency director, and she has not heard anything. We are all in the dark. I guess the easiest thing to do would be to pack, and if the kids do get to go back, it would be a hassle to unpack, but better than leaving it for your husband. I'm really sorry, I know it is hard not to know what is going to happen, but unfortunately, that is how this works. 

Me to Rainbow:
What would happen if I contacted CPS licensing myself?

Rainbow to Me:
They may tell you the same thing.

Me to CPS:
Hi there.
This is Cherub Mamma - foster mom to Dolly, Dude and Pumpkin.
As you know, I'm currently under investigation and the foster children have been removed from my home.
I'm getting ready to go on a vacation that was planned a couple months ago. In fact, I have permission from a judge to bring Dude and Dolly with me if the situation allows. (Respite had been secured for Pumpkin.)
I realize that CPS is allowed 30 days to complete an investigation. I also know that my agency knows nothing about the status of the investigation.
Is there ANYTHING I can do to help the process along?
I very much would like to bring Dude and Dolly with me if at all possible. However, if it is going to be determined that they cannot be in my care anymore, I'd like to know that before I leave this Friday (the 6th) so I can plan accordingly.
Any help or information you can give me would be much appreciated. 

CPS to ME:
As you mentioned, I do have the 30 days to complete the investigation.  I have not discussed the complete details of this case with my Supervisor, however, even if I did; I would not be the one to approve or give the go-ahead for the children to travel with you.  That decision is completely up to your agency.  Please discuss this with your agency director for further assistance.

Me to CPS:
I have full permission to let the children travel with me. It all hinges on whether or not they are going to be allowed by CPS to return to my home. And that is determined when the investigation is completed. Can you at least tell me when the "30 days" started so I can know when to expect the answer?
I don't mean to sound pushy - I realize that you're very busy and this is a delicate situation. But if there's anything I can do to help wrap the investigation up, I'd love to know. More than anything, I want to avoid leaving for Iowa and then finding out that these kids could have come along like they had been promised.

CPS to Me:
The case was received on 6/12/2012.
I will discuss the case with my Supervisor when she returns this week.  Any updates will be provided to you and the agency if permission is granted to disclose information at this point of the investigation.


Teresa said...

So if the case was received after you called and before they came to your house, does it seem like maybe Pumpkin's Mom pointed the finger at you? I think that would be better than them investigating over what the kids said considering she has an obvious reason to lie.

I'm sorry this is so hard and you're kept in the dark. Continuing to send prayers.

Meg0422 said...

So for 2 weeks she's done NOTHING?! I'm seeing both sides but it makes me MAD. Oh, but maybe shes worked on it but hasn't reported to her boss? Hmm. Still makes me mad.

CherubMamma said...

Pumpkin's mom's lawyer pointed the finger at my household. When the special court hearing was held concerning the abuse I reported, I believe the lawyer for mom wanted to direct the blame away from bio mom. Ya know, "maybe this happened at the foster home" approach.

June 1-3: Pumpkin abused
June 4: reported to hotline
June 8: special court hearing
June 14: investigator shows up at my house - is only able to interview me
June 18: investigator returns to interview the rest of the members of my household
June 22: Dude & Dolly are taken for a second round of interviews -- subsequently, all foster children are removed

And now...I'm just waiting.

nicole said...

reading. praying. waiting with u

Sunday Taylor said...

I still don’t get the 12th. Yes they have to protect kids...yes they have to investigate...but man oh man...this totally blows!
(on a side note this does somewhat demonstrate how natural families can get caught up in a system spiraling out of control and wrongfully lose custody of their kids…at least temporarily, it must be such a scary experience)