Saturday, August 11, 2012

50 Days

Pumpkin Pie was gone from my home for 50 days. In those 50 days she did not get her annual physical that was due in early July. Her 6 month dental checkup that had been scheduled for July 31 was cancelled. And her neurologist would barely speak to Pumpkin's social worker when she brought her in for an appointment because Rainbow is not Pumpkin's primary care giver and he needs to know about her daily behaviors.

Pumpkin was also not encouraged to use her walker. In fact, the foster mom that was keeping her didn't even bring it to her home. She told Rainbow she didn't need it. And rather than fight that, Rainbow went ahead and kept it in her office. Now...Pumpkin doesn't need her walker in a home environment. There is plenty of furniture for her to use to help with balance issues. She can walk without assistance. However, she really does need to use it when she's walking community distances (at the doctor, at school, at the CPS office, etc.). Besides, when Pumpkin shows up to a visit with her mom without the walker - what kind of a message does that send to bio mom about Pumpkin's needs?! So now, I have to reacquaint Pumpkin with her walker all over again.

Pumpkin hasn't had any of her therapies. All of those have to be started now. And since it's been longer than 30 days since her initial evaluation with the home health care providers, she's going to have to start all over from the beginning.

Pumpkin's foot braces are filthy. It looks like she was made to wear them without socks. This is detrimental to Pumpkin because she can break out if her skin touches any of the metal hinges. (Pumpkin doesn't look like she has any skin issues - but really, I sent plenty of socks!!)

Pumpkin looks like she lost weight to me. I haven't weighed her yet but her shorts seem to fit on her looser. Pumpkin doesn't like to eat much. She needs a lot of encouragement. I'm betting she didn't get a level of proper encouragement over the last 50 days.

She's barely talking. She's scooting on the floor instead of walking. She's sad. She cried for her sister and her mommy all the way to my home.

I've got my work cut out for me. And a lot of work to do too!! The System that has been designed to keep her safe failed miserably the past 50 days. Their standards just aren't high enough. Yet, this same system is trying to dictate all sorts of stupid things that shouldn't matter at all. I wish they could keep their priorities straight.

Court is in only 11 days. Think I'll get it all done?!


MamaFoster said...

sorry to hear this. i have always meant to post about our one experience using respite appeared to be a lot like this. thankfully it was only for a week.

i hope she come around

Cheryl said...

Heartbreaking. Infuriating. You will do the best you can with what you have and Pumpkin will be better off because of that. Hang in there.