Wednesday, August 29, 2012

generic ranting

Warning...this is just a vent. No real content here. I'm just losing my mind.

*** I got a call yesterday. Head Start finally got things ready for Dude to start to school too.

*** I woke up bright and early at 5:30 when the alarm rang. Mr. Amazing had asked me to make him breakfast. I really, really didn't want to. I really, really didn't have enough time. Honestly, he needs to drag his rear end out of bed when his alarm goes off at 5:30 so that he'll have enough time. But, me being who I am, I made him breakfast anyway. I'm not one of those long haired, skirt wearing, super submissive wives (please don't take offense if you are one, I'm just trying to describe who I am and who I'm not) But I do like to take care of my husband!!

*** I got Pumpkin up and got her ready for school. My day started, like most do, with a mega disgusting diaper. The child has taken to filling her britches sometime between 10:00PM when I check her at night and 6:00AM when I wake her up. I will NOT miss the diapers when she leaves!

*** TT and Bart got up. Things seemed fine. Herman even woke up on time without issue.

*** I woke up Dude and Dolly. They both ate breakfast at home. (Yes, I know they'll feed Dude at school but I like to make my kids start the day with something healthy. They can eat more at school if they want.) Dude was super scared all morning. Just the mention of school made him get the deer in the headlight look. I did manage to get a couple adorable first day of school pics though. He's an awfully cute little kid!!!

*** Drop-off at Head Start went OK enough. I had to fill out a ton more paperwork. Dude didn't freak out. He was scared but he didn't cry. I felt so bad for him. I tried to convey to the teacher that Dude may have some special needs because of his life's circumstances. I tried as hard as I could to tell her to cut him some slack. I was speaking in code though because of all the parents and kids right around us. I do hope she understood!!!!

*** About 20 minutes after I got back in the house I got a call from the elementary. Pumpkin had a seizure this morning and someone at school actually saw it. Pumpkin was very agitated afterward so I drove to the school to bring her the break-through seizure medicine. Of course, I had to drag Dolly with me on all the errands. Thankfully Herman can take care of TT and Bart legally.

*** I tried to get my little ones going with their school for the day. This homeschooling stuff is not going to be easy!! Bart is bored to tears with his curriculum. But we JUST started. He's still in the review stage of things. I'm asking him to do all the worksheets though so I don't miss anything that he might not know well. He's also incredibly jealous of his brothers that are in online school. He wants to do what they are doing. As much as I try to explain that their school doesn't take kids until 3rd grade, he won't listen. He just gets mad.

*** The bus didn't come to pick up Dolly for preK. I had her ready by 10:30 figuring the bus would arrive within the next 15 minutes. They assured me yesterday that the transportation department had received all the enrollments and that Dolly should get picked up finally. Right around 11:00 I called the transportation department. They paged the bus and said it'd be 5 minutes. The bus had skipped her but they would come back. Nearly 25 minutes later I finally got in the car to drive Dolly myself. No one was picking up at the transportation department when I called. As I rounded the corner at the end of our block I saw a bus down the wrong street. I flagged them down and transferred Dolly to the bus.

*** During the 8 minutes I was gone doing this TT and Bart got into a massive fight.

*** TT then spiraled down, down, down. He did not like going to brick and mortar school. He was looking forward to being homeschooled. He said he wants to be home with me. But his anxiety is getting the better of him every single day. (And we are only on day three!!) My therapeutic mojo is waning. I know we will get through this. We do each and every single time. But right now, this is challenging stuff. He's freaking out over the littlest things like spelling words, reading and writing. I'm putting NO pressure on him. Shoot...we're only on day three! But he's acting like he can't do anything.

*** Bart blew up first thing in the morning. After he calmed down he got to his work without issue. Of course, this is when TT started freaking out. And then as Bart confidently talked to me about all his work, TT got more and more anxious about his. aaccckkkk!!!

*** I haven't gotten any freelancing done all day. I'm exhausted. My kitchen is a disaster. And TT keeps on spiraling down, down, down. I've got two hours left until I have to leave to pick up Dude from Head Start. I doubt I'm going to get anything productive done today.

Rant over. If you're still here...I know it won't always be this stressful. Maybe Bart will finish the story he's writing so the boys can get in the kitchen to make dinner. I promised them they could cook today. Maybe I'll make it through the afternoon without going nuts. I already cancelled speech therapy with Pumpkin because of her seizure this morning. It's too likely that she'll be tired and uncooperative. I'm praying that CPS will let me know more about when they're planning on moving Pumpkin to her aunt and uncle's. With my luck they'll want me to fly across the state yet this week. Oh joy.

Happy Wednesday!!


Mama P said...

You're still my hero. I'd have been screaming and quit the day by step 2...and I most definitely do not get up before 7am. Ever. LOL :D

I'd bring you chocolate if I could!

Teresa said...

So many transitions all at once! UGH! You're awesome just for making through the day with no casualties :)

nicole said...

from a mama starting year 6 of home school...hang in there. the first year is about getting to learn how to just "be" together for the entire day, every day. it gets better. relationships are top priority. learning will follow. remember to enjoy!

sheldonanddenise said...

wish i were a neighbor and could help ya out! you're amazing and your life is truly one of dying to self and living for Christ! keep sharing because we're hear listening and praying. blessings, denise

p.s. there's some really great online programs I'm sure Bart would enjoy.... "Explode the Code" & "Time for Learning" have been our favorites. If you decide on one of these as an elective or core class look for co-op discount prices online. If you need help hollar :o)