Friday, August 10, 2012

Meeting with Kasey and a new rule that is an outrage

Pumpkin isn't even back in my home yet and I'm having to meet with social workers.

Kasey, Pumpkin's current caseworker from CPS needed to visit with me today.

Sit down. Put your coffee or Diet Coke down. Take a deep breath.

She wanted to stop by today because....she is actually preparing a case for court on the 22nd!!!!

I know. Shocking isn't it?!

We went over the basics. I haven't had to talk about Pumpkin for over 6 weeks now. I hadn't lost my touch though. Kasey thanked me for all my help and told me she's grateful I'm such an expert about Pumpkin's case.


Then, a couple hours later I got a text message from the foster mom that is currently caring for Pumpkin. She informed me of a new rule.

It seems we now have to get permission from a judge at least two weeks in advance of us wanting to leave the county for any reason! This includes day trips of any kind!! No longer can I utilize my season pass at the zoo without permission from a judge! I can't look at the weather on a Wednesday and decide to go to the beach on Saturday. I have to have permission from a judge!! If they are going to be strict with things, I can't bring any of my foster children to events at my licensing agency without permission from a judge because I live in a different county.

I'm so spitting mad I could scream. I called Rainbow immediately to confirm the validity of said new rule. She informed me that she's not been given this information officially – she's only heard it from the mouths of foster parents. When pressed, all I could get from her is it's going to depend on each individual case worker how strict they are going to enforce things. I guess Kasey denied Pumpkin a trip to the beach earlier this summer.


As a foster parent I am supposed to give the kids in my care as "normal" of a life as possible. But I now have to get permission from a judge to leave the county?! Man...The System is messed up!

I'm going to wait and see how my foster parenting adventure proceeds as a whole before I "do" anything. If Pumpkin is placed with her aunt and uncle (as I was told is now the current goal of the State) I could be done fostering completely in just a couple weeks. I won't fight the battle. However, if I'm able, I will take this as high up as necessary to get it changed. Having a rule like this in place just gives the bad foster parents one more reason to not do a damn thing for the kids in their care. It makes it hard for the good parents to do anything extra for the kids. It's so unfair!!


Foster Mom - R said...

WTF? They can't get parents to get their act together but place yet ANOTHer restriction on foster parents and an additional burden on the system? We live within 10 minutes of 4 different counties. The kids wouldn't be able to go to their doctor, dentist, or Moms house. Who makes these rules up? Clearly, they aren't parents.

Jess said...

It really is amazing how much time and energy seems to be spent on things like this, when there is a shortage of foster parents, not enough caseworkers for the overwhelming number of kids in care and a laundry list of FAR more important things to look at, get done, make new rules about. Stupid! And it just makes people want to throw their hands up and quit.

But, as a practical suggestion (instead of me just venting how dumb this is), I wonder if it would be possible to get a "blanket" approval from a judge. Maybe the judge could sign off on visits to the zoo (or whatever other things are out of county), not for a specific date, but for the duration of the case or something like that. It's still a ridiculous thing to have to do and still a waste of time, but would at least make it not totally impossible to live.

I live in Phx which is in one of the largest counties in the nation, so this idea of places I frequent being out of the county is totally foreign to me. But, I could see if I lived in a different area, how outrageous this rule would be.

Teresa said...

We have to get permission from the caseworker to take our kids out of county, and the shopping mall with the build-a-bear store is in the county over. I have found that when I get a new kid, and I start calling the caseworker multiple times per week, they eventually tell me that I can go where I want as long as it doesn't interfere with a visit and it's only a day trip. If they started making me go through the judge, I would probably try asking as often as I had the opportunity to see if the judge would just give me some wiggle room as well.

Mitzy said...

Wow! Talk about making things harder for foster parents, this new rule is pathetic.

If this rule were in place where I live I would have to ask the judge for permission to take Primo to his doctors appointments, grocery shopping and visits with his family.

Stuff like this, along with the standards for finding a simple baby-sitter, truly do take the joy out of foster care. Making it extremely difficult not to feel caged and a bit left out of our normal everyday lives. Our families would miss out on many opportunities to participate in the small events that make up the fun parts of life.

sheldonanddenise said...

We have the same rule in place. Judge has to ok anything 100 miles away... we live 90 miles from the judges county so 10 miles any direction we need to get permission. Its a P.A.I.N. especially if you have a worker that doesn't get back with you for 3 weeks!!! I also had to get a written Dr.'s order to switch to cloth diapers to help clear up horrible diaper rash and eczema when we 1st got baby girl. Lots of hoops for us ~ not so with bio mom who left with the carnival for over 2 months!!!

Mie said...

I've heard of this rule before too up here. I live 7 houses from the county line so I literally can't go anywhere without crossing it unless I go like 8-10 miles out my way. That includes court, school, the grocery stores, etc. I think they'd get pretty tired of my multiple daily requests...