Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I'm almost shaking I'm so nervous.

I agreed to let Pumpkin come back to our home. (CPS finally got around to deciding how they felt about the whole thing.)

This means my stack of paperwork to reverify our home needs to be done. I have to find all the meds and lock them back up. I need to put the vodka back in the locked fridge. I have to unpack all of Pumpkin's things. I have to bring some toys back downstairs to our living room. (I don't think it's safe for Pumpkin to play upstairs in the playroom alone.) And I have to get ready to enroll Pumpkin in school.

I seriously thought Mr. Amazing would say "no" when I double checked with him this morning. His response is similar to mine though. Pumpkin will get to go back to the same school. She will get her services. And we might not feel like such failures as foster parents after all the drama this summer brought to our home.

Pray for us. I think I'm certifiable this time around.

Oh yeah, court is in two weeks. Nothing like jumping in with both feet!!


Foster Mom - R said...

Pumpkin may not understand. Her bio family may not understand. But us, your readers, your fellow foster parents understand what an amazing concern and love you have for her. Your are not failures. You are working within a system that fails. In fact, you've done pretty great given the constraints they put on you.

Mama P said...

I totally agree with R. Saying prayers!

Jess said...

I will pray for this transition for you and your family and that you will be able to continue to trust in God in the face of extreme circumstances (like the ones you have been living). Pumpkin is blessed to have you!

~Jess @ fosteringinthedeepend.blogspot.com

Cheryl said...

"You are not failures. You are working within a sytem that fails." Perfectly said. And I will repeat it a million times over if needed.

MamaFoster said...