Friday, August 3, 2012


I took Dude and Dolly's things to my licensing agency. All of their belongings filled the back of my Suburban. I trust that Rainbow will actually get everything to the cherubs. I cried as I left the building. The ending to this chapter in my life so totally sucks.

All that's left is for me to physically make their photo albums. Due to the nature of their case, it really wasn't feasible for me to make what most people think of as a "Life Book". The children themselves couldn't tell me much about their past before coming in to Care; and we had rather limited contact with any bio family. Last, the children are slated to stay within their family unit. So, all I'm planning on documenting for the cherubs is their time actually in my home. I've done this for all my other cherubs by building a book on the WalMart website. They are so simple to make and look so nice when printed. I'm going to make a separate hardcover book with different photos for each child.

I saw Debby, the foster mom who is caring for Pumpkin right now. We hugged quickly and I gave her a bunch more diapers for Pumpkin. Everyone assures me that Pumpkin is fine. Rainbow now seems to think that Pumpkin WILL come back to our home. All we're waiting for is an OK from a supervisor at CPS. It looks like we will maintain our foster parent license for awhile longer. (Sigh - that means I'll be spending all next Saturday at CPS/First Aid with the most boring nurse teacher on the planet.)

I told Rainbow that if Dude and Dolly DON'T go to Dallas in September, I want them back. If for some reason they do not go...that means there are still professionals arguing for their best interests. It would mean that the children would have been in Care for 15 months. It would mean I might have the slimmest of slim chances that we could adopt them. It would also give me three more months to try and undo the damage that this investigation did to them. Realistically I know this isn't going to happen. I'm not stupid or suddenly naive. But I guess I just don't want to slam that door shut and lock it if I don't have to. Rainbow seems to think that Dude and Dolly are going to remain in their current placement under the umbrella "Emergency Respite". Technically, that leaves Mr. Amazing and I on all the paperwork. If (if if if if if if if) the cherubs did not go to Dallas in September, it's not unthinkable that they could return to our home. Rainbow didn't think it would be a huge problem.

No fancy ending for this post. So I'll use my standard "Foster Care Sucks" ending. 'Cause damn, this sucks!!


MamaFoster said...

hate all of this.

Foster Mom - R said...

When God closes a door He opens a window. Hugs from another totally frustrated foster Mom.

Mama P said...


Although...I believe in a God of redemption, of mercy, and of restoration. We don't have to trust this world,or expect God to answer yes to everything, but we can at least ask God to give us the desires of our heart.

I will be praying that your babies will be returned home.

Anonymous said...

Saying a prayer for you and your babies tonight.