Friday, August 31, 2012

Today went better

There was a LOT less crazy in the house today. Mr. Wonky took a break and left us alone. TT did all of his schoolwork without losing it even once. It was a good day.

Bart still needs to make some adjustments to homeschool. But we'll get there.

Herman had a great first week.

Pumpkin's case is moving forward. I had a 75 minute conference call with Medicaid and several other professionals involved in Pumpkin's transfer. All the bases were covered and Pumpkin's aunt and uncle are actually getting some assistance in getting services set up for Pumpkin across the state in the area where they live.

Someone from CPS in Pumpkin's new part of the state is going to do a quick walk-through of the aunt and uncle's home early next week. After that a date will be set for the actual transfer. The State has approved for me to fly along with the transfer to assist in Pumpkin's care. This is a very good thing. I was told to tentatively plan to do this next Friday.

Dolly is LOVING school. I can't count the number of times she has come up to me saying, "Mommy, my teacher says....". This teacher character is all wonderful and has lots of great things to say every day.

Dude is adjusting to school. He certainly doesn't love it. But he's not as scared as he was on Wednesday when I dropped him off the first time.

Minnie, Dude and Dolly's CPS caseworker, made her monthly visit today. Dude would have nothing to do with her. Minny took the kids up to their room for the interview portion of the visit. Dude looked at her and literally said, "I don't want to talk to you. I go watch TV with Daddy." He had "that" look on his face. He didn't trust her one bit and was not going to speak with her at all! Dude is coming around from the trauma of the removal this summer. But he's still pretty reserved with his trust!

Minnie said that the State is going to proceed forward with trying to place the children with Grandma. She was very honest though. She said she doubts their lawyer will go for it. (Yeah! The kids have a lawyer again!) The back-up plan is to have two monitored visits a month up in Dallas. I guess she personally volunteered to stay in Dallas with no extra pay to handle this. They might be leaving in 10 days or they might not. this foster care or what?! The kids have been in care for 14 months. The plan all along has been to send these children to said Grandma in Dallas. And CPS is still honestly saying they don't know if the lawyers will "go for it". Dontcha think it's about time to consider a different plan for these kids?!

Minnie did do one very nice thing during this visit. She gave me permission to supervise a visit with the little cherubs and their great grandma. This great grandma is the one I dearly adore. She just happens to be in her 70s and is unable to raise the cherubs to adulthood. (Their bio parents are NOT being considered at all for reunification. Not in any way at all!) Anyway...said Great Grandma does NOT want the cherubs to go to Dallas either. She is very concerned about the bio dad and his drug influence. No one can convince me, or great grandma, that bio dad is not going to have contact with the kids. It is his mother that the State wants to move the kids in with after all. Dad has quite the rap sheet!

At the last court hearing, Great Grandma took those cherubs and looked them square in the eye and told them to tell their lawyer they want to stay with Mamma L***. I didn't tell Great Grandma to do this!! But I certainly didn't complain.

I'm wondering what her influence will be on the cherubs this time around. I'm hoping we can set up a visit sometime this week! If indeed the kids do go to Dallas after court, I want them to have had at least one visit with this person they know and love beforehand. Who knows if they'll ever get to see her again?

Life is crazy in Homeschool and Foster Care Land. But it was better.

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