Saturday, August 11, 2012


I can't quite decide if it feels good to have Pumpkin back or if it feels too scary for words.

She has lots of bruises all over her. Normal bruises. NOTHING to be worried about. I'm sure they're from playing outside at the daycare she was at. This is a good thing.

But a small part of me is freaking out. I don't know where any of the marks came from. And after all I just went through...

Her room has been fully unpacked. Pumpkin seemed pleased to see some of her toys. She let me hug her and hold her at bedtime. She is still very, very sad but I'm thinking the transition back here isn't going to be as difficult as I originally anticipated. She isn't talking much, but I don't think she's lost all the skills I had worked so hard to teach her. I got an, "all done," at dinnertime. She was able to climb in and out of the bathtub all on her own. She also remembered how to roll over in the tub. (All of these skills took weeks to months to teach her the first time around.) Pumpkin even remembered where her diapers were kept and was able to fetch me one when I asked at bedtime.

Her room still feels awfully big for just one kid. I do miss those little cherubs a ton. But my heart is healing. I must move on.

(To keep it interesting...we were discussing what ages we MIGHT take if and when Pumpkin moves on to - hopefully - her aunt and uncle's. Who knows where this adventure is going to take us next?!)

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MamaFoster said...

just crazy enough to think about doing it again...the life of a foster parent...