Thursday, August 16, 2012

You brush my hair

Dolly: (first thing this morning as I was doing her hair) You brush my hair.

Me: Yes Dolly. I like to brush your hair.

Dolly: You brush my hair 'cept when I was at the other house.

Me: That's right Dolly. I couldn't brush your hair when you were at the other house.

Dolly: I come back. You happy now.

Yes Dolly. You came back and I'm happy now.


G said...

Aww. Good to know that she knows you're happy she's back.

Jennifer said...

So sad. They must be so confused. Were you ever able to find out what home they were in or if it was a good foster home?

CherubMamma said...

I briefly met the foster mom that did respite for them when we made the transfer yesterday at the agency. She didn't say much to me and I didn't say much to her.

I did ask if there was anything special I needed to know. All she said was that she stopped putting a diaper on Dude at bedtime after three nights. That's really all she offered up.

From what I can tell from the children, the home was fine. If anything, it was just way more conservative than we are. Not in a bad way. But now the kids seem to be super self conscious about being naked. And they told me they have to go to the bathroom to fart. There have been other indications that their routine was very different from our house. Not bad - just different.

And yes -- the children are very confused!! But we will get through it.

Sunday Taylor said...


Anonymous said...

It's so amazing, I really do believe that God has a plan in this whole mixed up thing. I hope having them back is helping to heal your heart.


MamaFoster said...

It is always interesting to hear them process things out loud. I am sure you wish you could read their little minds.