Sunday, September 30, 2012

Trip down memory lane

I got all my old blog posts moved over and made slightly more anonymous. Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted a few in the process. But, for the most part, our entire fostering journey in Texas is now all on this blog.

I almost got a little PTSD going back and reading about TurtleTurtle and MissArguePants. Those two months contained some of the most difficult parenting experiences ever.

And reading about Pumpkin the day she arrived?! Wow! I wore myself out those first two weeks at all the doctor appointments. I knew so little about seizures and special needs back then!!

It's amazing how much I've changed over the past two years. I'm awfully jaded now. The System sure has a way of doing that to us sometimes. But I wouldn't go back and change a thing. I've learned so much and I truly am glad that we've fostered. I'm not sure if we'll keep on doing it after Dude and Dolly leave (because no part of me believes they'll get to stay forever). We're doing it now though and all is well.

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