Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Visits - oh joy - part 2

It gets better....

I JUST got a call from Minnie (the kids' CPS worker). A member of Dude & Dolly's bio family is freaking that Great Grandma was going to get a visit and no one else was. I didn't exactly follow if the problem was that they wanted to see the kids too. Or that they were genuinely concerned that bio mom would try and crash the visit with Great Grandma.

Either way, I've been told to cancel my dinner plans and come to the CPS office an hour away so bio mom can have her visit at 9:00AM tomorrow. Great Grandma is invited to tag along at that time.

I guess that cuts down on one drive. And it means my Wednesday night is free again for church.

I'm still not looking forward to a visit with Mom. But, then again, Minnie said that Mom doesn't like to get up early and she's not convinced Mom will make this visit.

It'll be such fun at my house if she flakes out. TT doesn't handle abandonment well. I'll get backlash from every single one of my kids.

I can hardly wait.


aka. Mimi said...

Will Great Grandma go to the morning visit on her own? Maybe tell the kids the visit is with HER, that way if/when bio mom doesn't show, there's no Mr. Wonky in the house.

CherubMamma said...

I'm waiting for Great Grandma to text me back. (Yes...this 73 year old grandma texts!!) I'm hoping that crazy she says she can come to the visit tomorrow morning. No matter what, I'm not telling the kids about Mom until I see Mom's face!

I'll make up some crazy reason that we have to go to that town and see what happens when we get there. But I'm not getting anyone's hopes up before we leave. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I hope Great-Grandma can make that visit tomorrow!! Those kids deserve to have a relationship with the one and only bio relative who actively cares about them. Will be saying a prayer for you guys tomorrow morning.