Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Visits - oh joy

Great Grandma called me late last night and asked if we could change our dinner date to Wednesday. I said, "no problem."

My licensing agency just called to let me know that bio mom wants to have a visit with Dude and Dolly before court. I said, "oh crap!" Of course, I have to bend my schedule every which way to accommodate. But I can't really say no.

I'm certainly not looking forward to the backlash that I'm sure will be mine after the visit. These two cherubs haven't seen their mom since last November. That's a looooonnnngggg time when you're 3 & 4 years old. (Shoot - Dude wasn't even 3 yet at their last visit!!)

So it looks like I get to drive an hour away to make sure the kids get a visit with the relative that loves them and has tried to care for them for years.

Then the next morning I get to make that same drive so they can see the mother that abandoned them over a year ago.

Then, hopefully, I'll fly across the state on Friday to help transition Pumpkin into her new home.

I'll try to recover over the weekend.

Then I'll make that hour long trip to the west one more time so I can attend court on Monday with Dude and Dolly.

I'm not freaking out yet either. Am I getting used to foster care?! Or am I just certifiable?!!!


Our Journey said...

PRAYING for you!!!! Of course I'm also praying for the kiddos....how tough for them :( We have court next Monday too....hopefully we both have GOOD news to share :)

Meg0422 said...

And then there's home schooling. And getting permission from the judge to leave the county. etc...

Foster Mom - R said...

Any chance she'll no show and you won't deal with fall out? Seriously, why not protect the kids every step of the way....if the parents don't show up after 6 months or more that's should be it- call it a day.

Only in the system do we force children to spend te with strangers.

Kayla Lee said...

prayers for you and the kids