Monday, October 1, 2012

Inventory time

I don't know how I'm supposed to count all of my cherubs' belongings when my laundry looks like this most of the time.

This needs to be washed.
 This needs to be folded.
And this is clean and is sorted by kid - but I haven't even starting to think about the folding yet.

Most of the time I think I rock with the whole "big family" thing. ('Cause in my book - five kids is still a big family these days. We just all happen to fit in one vehicle now! whoo hoo)

But laundry is my nemesis!

Thankfully all my kids know that most of their laundry "lives" on the floor of my bedroom in a laundry basket just waiting to be folded. And thankfully I managed to get everything counted for Dude and Dolly this morning before school so I could fax off the inventory list to my licensing agency. I think I only found a couple more outfits after the fact that were in the basket of laundry sitting in front of my washer. I go fold laundry? Or mess around on Pinterest some more???


Mandy said...

This makes me feel so much more normal. I hate laundry!

Mama P said...

My clean laundry lives on the living room chair. Ha!

I complain a lot about how jacked up our state DHS is..and it is...but I surely would fail at foster parenting if I had to inventory, log, or fax off paperwork as regularly as you yourstate-ans do.

Pinterest, absolutely.