Friday, October 5, 2012

My family

Just so y'all know, I come from some crazy stock! But out of respect for my anonymity, my sister did not comment on my last blog post. However, she did just send me a text wanting to know:

"how did u get so lucky 2 have such an awesome genius sister??"

And since I said I'm willing to put my answers to all your questions up on my blog,
here's my answer:
I was born first. You got to watch and learn from me.


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CherubMamma said...

In her defense I'll print My Genius Sister's comment on this post as well...

"u brat! i am cracking up!! i suppose it is true. u were mean & rotten & took advantage of me & i decided i could never b like that so i became awesome instead =P"


For what it's worth, My Genius Sister isn't too far off track when she says I was mean to her. I was pretty rotten when I was younger. :)