Wednesday, October 17, 2012

We've been busy

This is a quick post to let y'all know we're OK. Life is busy with my family in town for vacation.

Dude and Dolly returned from their visit in Dallas this past weekend in typical foster care fashion. They were horrifically tired and all out of whack. But ultimately, they have been so excited to see my family who is down for a visit that they snapped out of the funk pretty quickly.

Of course Dude and Dolly have both informed me that they don't want to live in Dallas. They want to stay with us forever. Dude told me that he's scared of Dallas. (I think he's scared to lose us more than anything.)

Dude and Dolly also mentioned that their grandma's apartment may have additional people living in it. Both children slept in the same bed as their grandma instead of in the beds that were "designated" for the children during the home study. This really bugs me but there's very little I can do about it. I mentioned it to Rainbow who said she'd talk to Minnie about it. But in the end, if Minnie saw the apartment and has no concerns, my concerns will be discarded immediately.

On Monday we celebrated TT's birthday. Bart also celebrated "Bart Day". His birthday is the day after Christmas so as soon as he was able to understand good enough, we switched his "birthday party" to be celebrated in the summer. We don't call it his half birthday - we just call it "Bart Day". That way it can be celebrated whenever works best for our family. We didn't celebrate Bart Day in June as Mr. Amazing didn't go home to Iowa with us and Bart wanted his daddy around. As soon as we left Iowa plans were being made for when our Iowa family would be coming down to visit us. TT was excited to know that his cousins would be down over his birthday. Bart decided to wait until October to celebrate his Bart Day and TT thought it would be fun to share their special days. Fun was had by all.

TT is still a little emotional but he enjoyed his birthday very much. After talking with me about his first mom those big feelings got quite a bit smaller. He has been much more regulated overall. TT still has a few difficulties with my family being here. It affects his regular schedule and that is difficult for him. But he enjoys having his family around and he pushes through.

Yesterday we went to the beach. There were a few minor sunburns but it was oh so much fun! I wish I could show you how stinking cute my kids were out in the water. Dude and Dolly were so scared when we went last summer. This time started out with a lot of trepidation as well but both ended up having so much fun playing and splashing. Below is a picture of my sister and Dude and Dolly relaxing in the water. Off in the distance is TT and Herman. We all had a fantastic day!!

Dude and Dolly's mom has called to confirm another visit for today. I've been told she's not doing any part of her service plan, but she is keeping most of her visits. This is going to make for a long day. None of us enjoy the hour drive to where their mom lives or the hour ride back. Thankfully though I don't have to drag TT and Bart along with me. That will help with the dysregulation side of things as they will get to stay home and play with Daddy.

I've got a ton of blog posts rolling around in my head. I'm sure I'll have a lot to say after my family leaves and heads home for Iowa. For now though, we're going to play some more and have fun.

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