Friday, November 30, 2012

It is NOT all bad

Man...all of my posts are so incredibly negative. I'm sitting at my desk trying to work this morning and it's bugging me to pieces. Because I write mainly about foster care I struggle to come up with positive things to say. Let's face it...foster care sucks.

But my life isn't really that negative! Honest. It isn't!!!

  • After I flipped out on Bart this morning because he flipped out on me, he walked away and regrouped. Then he came back into the main room and went around hugging everyone. He's so quick to forgive. And he knew he had been in the wrong too. He apologized.
  • Mr. Amazing hurt his ankle the other day at work. He's home and is spending the days on the couch. He can't walk well at all and he's in a tremendous amount of pain. I've got a church Christmas party tonight. And even though I'm super tired and not in the mood to socialize, I'm planning on going. I told Herman that he's most likely going to have to put Dude and Dolly to bed tonight because Mr. Amazing isn't going to be able to. Without missing a beat Herman looked at me and said, "No problem Mom! I can do that!" Not too many 15 year old boys would accept responsibility like that without flinching.
  • Herman is handling life well this week. I think starting martial arts training is going to be incredibly helpful to him. I saw a Facebook status of a friend of a friend the other day that talked about how good wrestling competition has been for her sons. She made the comment that when kids wrestle both competitors walk off the mat knowing they either won or they lost and that it was all on them. (There's no fussing things like, "no one passed me the ball," that can be claimed.) I think this individual competition for Herman is going to be a good thing. We've got him enrolled in a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class so it's very much like the wrestling I grew up watching and loving in central Iowa. Right now I'm only seeing positives with this class. (Other than the expense...but I can't put a price on my kid's mental health.)
  • Dolly and Dude are amazing children. They are truly very happy cherubs that are very easy to care for. Despite having to deal with all the crap of foster care, they are incredibly well adjusted and fit into our family.
  • I haven't heard much from Pumpkin's new family, but I do trust that things are going well as her aunt called me many times during the first month after she moved. Eventually I knew we would go our separate ways. I'm OK with that. I'm still glad we were able to see Pumpkin's case all the way through. I bought Pumpkin a Christmas present that I'm going to put in the mail to her soon. I also still need to make another photo album and get it over to her new family. I'm hoping that after they are granted PMC in January that Pumpkin's new mom will post pictures on Facebook and keep me a little bit connected that way.
  • All of my family's needs are being met every single day. I'm truly blessed beyond measure. As miserable as I sound on this blog sometimes, life is definitely not all bad! I'll try to do a better job of showing more of the positives! There are a lot of them!!!


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. I compare my blog before foster care to my blog after and it's a whole different life. Working on more positives on the blog is on my list, too.

Meg0422 said...

First of all, I want to see the good, bad, and ugly!
Second, I kept trying to hit the "like" button!!

Mandy said...

This may sound bad but I read your blog BECAUSE its not all roses and sunshine. This life is hard. It is much harder than what I ever imagined, and yes, there is good stuff, but I am encouraged by reading and talking to others about the crappy stuff. You would probably be surprised to know how your biggest rants have brought a smile to my face. Yes, I feel for you, but there is a kind of sweet relief in feeling like I am not so alone. So thank you, thank you, for your ranting blogs. They make me feel like there are other people out there who get it.