Monday, November 26, 2012

update in bullet points

  • Mr. Wonky is ALL OVER my house!! My nine year old has only slept through the night 2 or 3 times in the past 2+ weeks. He's so short tempered and we've been dealing with tons of dysregulation. I'm getting super exhausted!
  • Dude has been processing his trauma in less than pleasant ways. There has been an increase undesirable behaviors at both school and at home. Potty accidents (which had been completely eliminated) are happening almost daily now. There is more aggression, sassing and even a little lying thrown in for good measure. I know that some of this is developmentally normal and should be expected. But when I see it rise and fall around visits it screams "trauma behavior" to me too.
  • Bart is as strong-willed as ever. Unfortunately, when every one of my buttons has been pushed by TT, I don't have enough patience left to properly handle Bart's level of *cough* enthusiasm. When he screams at me, "I don't want to," when given a direction...I may or may not scream back. (OK OK...I scream back every time. I'm working on whispering more...but I really suck at it.)
  • I have NO IDEA where TT's dysregulation is coming from right now. Nothing sticks out as a trigger to me. All I can come up with is a long string of minor (at least to him) things. I guess it's been enough little things all piled on top of one another that it's too much to handle. But damn, I'm worn out.
  • Herman is still struggling with clinical depression. He's had issues for years and years. (I don't think I've ever mentioned it on the blog before though.) We've tried tons of talk therapy. We've tried meds. We've tried everything I can personally think of. Just last week we upped his welbutrin to 300mg a day. He's also going to start MMA (mixed martial arts) training again tonight. I've been waiting until he "got his act together" with school before I wanted to spend the money and put forth my own effort toward the MMA class. But my Genius Brother (who just happens to be a doctor) spouted off a bunch of research that proved a formal exercise program can be as effective in helping beat depression as medication can be. I'm praying that the Thanksgiving vacation that gave him time to get caught up in school, combined with the increase in meds AND the exercise program will be just enough to get him on the up-side of things again. But he's wearing me out too.
  • My Genius Sister had her baby almost two weeks ago. The little bugger didn't cook quite long enough and made his appearance five weeks early. He was a big preemie (6lbs. 9oz.) and seemed perfectly healthy at first. Unfortunately, after a few days at home his core body temp dropped and he became entirely too lethargic. He's been in the NICU for awhile now. (I'm sure this story alone is enough to be part of TT's issues. He is incredibly empathetic!!)
  • The good news though....we all get to go HOME over Christmas so I'm going to get to see that little bugger in about a month. The judge signed all the paperwork today and gave permission for Dude and Dolly to travel out of state. I'm super, super, super excited about that! Granny and Papa are going to have all the kids and grandkids home all at one time. That will be 8 adults and 13 grandchildren!! Whoo hoo!! (Thankfully 2 of those adults and 3 of the kids will be sleeping in their own house just four blocks down the road.)
  • I sent a note to Dolly's preschool teacher today. I kept it simple. I just said I noticed that she's not bringing home homework and that I haven't seen the daily "reports" either. She didn't bother to send me a note back but she told Dolly that she's going to call me. (whoo hoo -- I'm so not looking forward to this conversation)
  • I left another message with Dude and Dolly's lawyer to call me. After the syringe episode and my concerns over them being neglected because they stayed in the same clothes for two whole days (sleeping in them as well)....I really want to talk to her. I don't want these kids going to Dallas for another visit without their lawyer knowing what happened last time.
  • Did I mention I'm super duper tired of wonked out dysregulation?
  • We had a terrific Thanksgiving. The neighbors came over during the day but it was just us at mealtime. Every year we pick a theme and we do it up! This year the theme was Pancake Diner (named after a game TT & Bart play with our pretend kitchen). I made muffins, bacon, egg casserole, pumpkin bread pudding, ham, dinner rolls and of course...pancakes. We had fun and the food was delicious.
  • Oh yeah, and the dysregulation running rampant through our house is about to wear me out. Hmmmm...maybe I mentioned that one already.

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Kylee said...

Whew, that's a lot going on! Thinking of you this week.