Monday, December 10, 2012

Car seats

I just took Dude to school. As we were getting in the Suburban Dolly looked at me, pointed to the seat and announced to me that she should sit on it (ie: not on the booster seat).

Instantly I replied, "Oh no Dolly. That would not be safe. You have to sit on a car seat."

Instantly Dolly's face filled with shame and fear.

At that moment I realized that Dolly doesn't have a car seat at Grandma N's house.

I wasn't about to tell Dolly that this is OK. All I could do was repeat what she said as fact and reassure her that I love her. But I couldn't tell her it's OK to not ride on a booster seat. She's only five years old and she's a very short "five" at that.

Dolly needed more reassurance as I buckled her in after dropping Dude off. I asked her, "Did Minnie go to Grandma's house this weekend?"

Dolly's answer was no. Minnie never went over to Grandma N's house.

That means, in my book anyway, that Minnie should have been fully aware that Dolly didn't have a car seat. That also means that these visits are not being monitored in any way shape or form.

Somehow I have to be OK with this. Grandma N will buy them clothes and accessories that the children don't technically need but she won't drop $20 so she can legally transport the children in her vehicle. How on Earth is she going to treat these children when CPS isn't looking?!!!


r. said...

Did Grandma N. have Dude in a car seat? If not, that's more concerning. This issue with Dolly I think is more forgivable. I know you're not happy with it and you're concerned for Dolly, but if it was only Dolly I don't think it necessarily screams neglect.

It was only 3 years ago (Sept. 2009) that Texas law changed to require children aged 5 and up to be in booster seats. If Grandma N. hasn't been raising young children this entire time, then she might not know that kids over 5 are required to be in booster seats. Heck, I didn't know until I read it here today.

CherubMamma said...

Yes, I believe Grandma had Dude in a car seat. I was told that Grandma was to get car seats for the children though. Minnie discussed this with me prior to the first visit – that she expected Grandma to provide like this. But CPS is not even paying attention to those kinds of details at the transfer.

And to the best of my knowledge, Grandma has many, many young cherubs in and out of her home all the time. I believe at least one youngster lives with her right now as well, possibly more.

I suppose I can forgive Grandma if she truly doesn't know the law. But CPS, who is making the transfer, has NO excuse!!! What other details are being ignored by CPS as well?!

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