Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Exactly one hour ago I was in the middle of the first conversation I've ever really had with Dude and Dolly's mom.

I'm still shaking I'm in so much shock.

This case could be a-changin'.

I'm betting Minnie is really, really going to hate me now.


Karen said...

Can't wait to hear (hopefully) what you talked about. If Minnie hates you for doing your job- loving and advocating for those kiddos- I say that's her problem. Your e-mail was excellently worded. Praying for you, all the kiddos in your home, and this case.

Mitzy said...

If Minnie is going to hate you... I'm assuming the case is changin' for the better?

aka. Mimi said...

This just made me giggle. CAN'T WAIT to hear more! (I might even have to email you if it takes too long. ;-)