Monday, December 10, 2012


Dude and Dolly want to stay in Dallas forever about as much as Pinocchio wanted to stay on Pleasure Island.

The amount I have heard "I love you" since they got home is off the charts. They are also going around naming things as "theirs" – especially things they don't have in our dog.

But Grandma is promising them things now. Like all kids they are drawn to "things". Never mind the fact that they don't even have a room to call their own at Grandma's house. Because that's right...they slept with Grandma again. The children report being with all sorts of people at Grandma's house. And I suppose in reality, having a lot of people around could mean that Grandma has a good support system.

CPS only sees a wonderful, loving Grandma who wants to protect these cherubs. I'm going to have to pray that what CPS sees is reality because my impressions are completely different. And you're right Mama Foster, their declarations of affection for Dallas are all that Minnie sees. She doesn't believe anything I've got to say on the subject I'm sure.

I'm preparing my heart for these cherubs to leave me in four weeks. I doubt very seriously that their lawyer is going to be able to fight against the big bad CPS even if she wants to.

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peaceliving said...

That's interesting about them going around the house naming things "theirs." Our two year old foster daughter started doing the same thing when overnights started. It breaks my heart to hear it, knowing that she won't have any of those things, and more importantly, and of us there when she moves. Your case is only reinforces for me how clueless CPS are. Our social worker is the same way. Because our girl is happy at the visits, she ignores everything that we tell her happens outside of visit time. How can they live with themselves?