Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The letter

I composed my email. I sent it to Raymond (the CPS supervisor in this case). I cc'd Minnie, Rainbow and the cherubs' lawyer. I bcc'd Deborah (the CPS supervisor that handled this case previously and the person that recommended I do this).

This is what I said....

I'm the foster mom to Dude and Dolly. They have been in my care for almost 18 months now. Per the advice of someone in CPS that I trust immensely, I'm sending you this email.

More than anything, I want you to know that I will fully support whatever it is that the powers that be in this case decide. I'm not sending this email because I'm trying to cause trouble or because I don't believe that Minnie has done her job. But, as the foster mom on the front lines, I feel it is important to share my concerns and to make sure they are appropriately documented. That way, should anything negative ever happen, I can know with a clean conscious that I informed everyone of the things I've been made aware of.

There are some things that happen during the weekend visits to Dallas that I believe need to be documented.

When the children returned from their visit to Dallas in November, as I unpacked their duffel bag, I discovered a used syringe. It was an insulin syringe but I do not know if it had been used for any other purpose. It was in the outer pocket of the duffel bag easily accessible by the children. I immediately called Minnie and informed her of the discovery. I also sent a picture of the syringe to both Minnie and my licensing agency.

Also, during that trip in November, Grandma did not put the children in clean clothes on Sunday. The children were bathed sometime either Friday or Saturday. They were then put in clothing that I sent. Both children told me they slept in their clothes Saturday night and wore them again all day Sunday. When I pack the bag for the trip I include three complete outfits for the two night stay. The children were very clear when telling me they slept in their clothes and Grandma did not put them in anything that she may or may not have had there for them.

After every visit the children have they report that other people live in the home with Grandma. The children are not able to tell me names or ages but they do say there are other people in the home. According to the maternal side of the family (who have stopped in to see the children while in Dallas) the other people in the home live there full time. I say this only because I'm not sure if anyone else in the home was included in the home study.

Also, at every single visit the children report that they sleep with Grandma in her bed!! (Though after the last visit, in December, they said that Grandma slept on the floor.) They have never slept in what is supposed to be their bedroom. I even got out pictures of Grandma's house that the State gave me and had the children point to where they sleep. They said that other people sleep on the beds that are supposed to be theirs.

On Monday 12/10 (just following their visit to Dallas), I got the children ready to go to school. As we loaded into our Suburban, Dolly looked at me and very earnestly told me she could sit on just the seat (that she didn't need a booster). I immediately responded with, "Oh no Dolly! You MUST sit on a booster seat. It would not be safe for you to ride in a car without one!" As I saw the fear and shame cross her face I wondered if she had ridden in the car at Grandma's house without a car seat. I tempered my response and calmly asked, "Do you have a car seat at Grandma's house?" Dolly was too shell shocked and scared to answer but Dude immediately piped up with, "No. Grandma only has one."

Please let me know if you need additional information about anything I've mentioned above. Thank you very much.
Cherub Mamma


Charlene Hertzberg said...

I sure hope someone listens this time and the start doing some serious investigating.

The Path Chosen for Me said...

Wow this type of stuff scares me. i hope they do something.

Mitzy said...

Good for you!

MamaFoster said...

i would have done the same thing

Mandy said...

I agree with Mama Foster. You have to do everything you can do or it will weigh on you. Sometimes they still ignore everything, but you are filling your role. You are advocating for them.

G said...

I think this is a good letter. It's factual -- "this is what the children say" -- and not overly emotional. It's clear and succinct and makes obvious what the concerns should be without telling anyone that they aren't doing their job.

I hope it works!

Praying for y'all.....

The Path Chosen for Me said...

Wow this type of stuff scares me. i hope they do something.

The Path Chosen for Me said...

Wow this type of stuff scares me. i hope they do something.