Friday, January 4, 2013

First Snow

Yes...I'm a mental mess in anticipation of court on Monday. In the meantime though, I thought I'd give you a peek at Dolly and Dude in the snow.

The first shot was taken somewhere in Kansas when we stopped for gas. It wasn't too bitter cold and Dolly didn't think too much of it really. I teared up a little. I was so happy to be able to be including Dude and Dolly in this vacation. And the closer we got to snow, the closer I was to my entire family.
There was no easy way to explain what we were driving toward though as a blizzard had just come through the Midwest and the snow at my parents' house was going to be much, much deeper. The whole concept of winter, and snow, and cold isn't easy to explain to someone who has never experienced anything like it before. I just kept telling the cherubs it was going to be really, really cold.
Once at my parents house, and once over the nastiest part of their colds, both cherubs ventured outside. Neither one really knew how to "play" in the snow but both gave it a try.

The entire trip was very overwhelming for both cherubs. They were put through the wringer really! They endured an extremely long cross-country drive only to get sick along the way. Then they had to learn their way around a new house. They had to meet lots of new family members. And of course there was the general over-stimulation that Christmas tends to be for everyone.

Despite everything, we all had a ton of fun!


Mitzy said...

I'm sure going on the trip with you was stressful for the cherubs, but being left in respite would have been awful. Nice that they were allowed to go and see their first snow!
I will be thinking of you on Monday.

CherubMamma said...

You're right - respite would have been awful! I NEVER would have left them. There's no way I could have justified not including them with the family members they already know and love. Our entire family knew all along that if we weren't granted permission to bring them that we weren't going to come up.

MamaFoster said...

Praying for monday

openarmsopenheart said...

Yay, glad it was a success. I wasn't brave enough to do the same this Christmas (well, minus the snow, but they would have seen the beach for the first time). Hopefully in a few months.
Thinking of you on Monday.