Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How Appropriate

How appropriate is it that I publish a whiny complaining post and then see THIS link in my Facebook feed immediately?!

Maybe I need to put on my big girl panties a little earlier than I want to today.


peaceliving said...

Don't be so hard on yourself...we are here at YOUR blog because we care and want to know about the hard stuff of fostering in general and your life in particular. I doubt that you spend your days "whining" to everyone you meet about how hard things are. In person, I can see how that article applies, but even so, if you follow it to its logical conclusion than we could never share with anyone about our struggles. I'm sure you pick the times and places to share about your hurt, and this is definitely an appropriate place for sharing!

CherubMamma said...

Thanks! :)

I feel like I do nothing but whine on here most of the time. I'm amazed that I get as many hits every day as I do.

There is a place and a time to share. And since I publicly say this is as much therapy for me as it is anything else, I suppose you're right...this is an appropriate place for sharing.

I just hope my cherubs all settle back down quickly. I'm getting incredibly worn out chasing drama after drama all day long.

Foster Mom - R said...

I'm sorry. I call BS on that guys link. You are human. You are doing a very HARD thing raising other people's children while not having any say. And it's not as if you posted lies about someone on Facebook and that's where the drama came from... You are advocating for innocent children which in my humble opinion is totally different. Yes some people should shut up and leave their drama behind but you my dear are not one of them. This is therapy for you and you do help others. Reading that you are in the same place as me and how you are handling it makes it easier for me to deal with all my mr. Wonky and crazytown behavior.

Hang in there. Big girl Panties or Commando!

Cheryl said...

Foster Mom- R: Your Big Girl Panties or Commando comment about made me spit out my coffee! =)

I agree with the above comments. I get what that link was saying and no, I don't think it's healthy to live in a constant state of non-stop drama. But I don't think you do, either. Your blog is not your entire life. And nobody expects you to blog your entire life so of course it's going to look a bit skewed. You still share the positives here, too, so I don't see an issue. Allow the blog to serve it's purpose and stop worrying about how much of it is "whining". It's truth. And truth is foster care sucks so it's pretty hard to have a blog full of rainbows and unicorns when it's about foster care.

Meg0422 said...

As for me, one kid getting all freaky is enough. I wish I could share the work. Keep writing your blog! Good and bad, I want to hear it.


C Dawn's bucket said...

I don't think this article is talking about the types of lives we lead. We have hard stuff, harder stuff than the average family to deal with. If we hold all of that inside then we go crazy (like I am since I had to shut down my blog).

And just FYI your blog is one of 5 that I read every single post from. Keep writing, keep sharing and allowing us to support you (as long as it is working for you.)


CherubMamma said...

Thanks guys! Yesterday was pretty tough. Getting these messages -- especially the image of going commando -- really made my day.

I've always been the positive one. Mr. Amazing...HE'S the eternal pessimist. Me...I always see the good first.

But lately I've been so down and I feel so helpless. I was afraid this blog was becoming nothing but a bitch fest. And I don't want that. I don't want people to see only the ugly. But dammit -- there's just SO MUCH UGLY!