Monday, January 21, 2013

Update on Pumpkin

I sent a package to Pumpkin's aunt and uncle right before Christmas. It contained a photo book that I made of Pumpkin's second year with us. I also included a Christmas present for Pumpkin that I couldn't pass up. Pumpkin loves puzzles and is quite good at them. But really, she struggles with cardboard puzzles due to her disabilities. I found a 48 piece wooden puzzle with butterflies all over it that screamed "Pumpkin" to me when I saw it online.

I sent the package off and then prayed I'd hear something. Pumpkin's aunt hadn't contacted me in a long, long time. It's not like I'm exactly "missing" Pumpkin per se. It's so hard to describe what I've been feeling. I just hoped I'd get a quick update.

I heard nothing.

Finally I sent a simple message to her aunt via Facebook. Again, I heard nothing for a couple days. Eventually though she did message me back to tell me the package arrived. She said very little other than the fact that Pumpkin is doing well enough. The only detail she gave me about anything is that she's dealing with Medicaid and Pumpkin's braces. They denied them the first time around. Ugh!!

Then this afternoon, out of the blue, Pumpkin's aunt sent me a text message with a picture of Pumpkin eating a yogurt. I smiled!! Pumpkin loves yogurt and it really helps keep I made sure she ate some every single day.

Pumpkin's Aunt E and I messaged back and forth for quite awhile.'s text message so I don't have the "whole" story. But at least I'm caught up.

Pumpkin STILL doesn't have her braces. She has needed new ones for over 9 months now. I started the process early last summer. They came in to the orthotics office in August. But when it came time for me to pick them up, the business had closed. They didn't tell anyone and I was out of luck. Then, the week before Pumpkin moved to her aunt and uncle's, one of Pumpkin's braces broke. I so prayed that she would be able to get braces quickly once getting to El Paso. Medicaid is being difficult. I'm sure they claim that Pumpkin got the ones that were ready for her this summer and that's why they aren't allowing new ones. I can't do anything about it though. I feel so bad for Pumpkin and her aunt and uncle.

It gets worse.

Pumpkin's aunt and uncle were NOT granted PMC (permanent managing conservatorship). In fact, nothing in the case really changed in their favor. They are taking foster parenting classes now. Hopefully they will be granted a stipend to help care for Pumpkin!! But the actual case...Bio Mom still wants to get Pumpkin back!

And worse yet...the State is considering it.

When Pumpkin left my care Bio Mom was so sick she couldn't leave her house. She was completely  bed ridden. I wasn't given very many details but I believe she had at least one heart attack and also suffered complications from untreated diabetes. (And don't forget...this is the woman that physically abused her child in a doctor's office just 10 days after going home. This is also the woman that hurt her child during an unsupervised weekend visit. She is not stable at all. Oh yeah, and she's an alcoholic.)

I guess the State is saying that if Aunt E and Uncle M take the foster parenting classes it will be easier for them to get PMC.

In the meantime though, the State is saying they want to fly Pumpkin back to our part of the state once a month to see her mom.

I'm sick to my stomach. Bio Mom abused Pumpkin during her last unsupervised visit. (Thus the investigation and MY own personal summer of HELL!) I am so beside myself with anger about all of this. I cannot believe that they want to even consider letting Pumpkin go back to Bio Mom. It is so very, very wrong!!!

Bio Mom has not seen Pumpkin even once since she left to go live in El Paso. She's only even called one time to make any contact. But now the State wants to pay to fly Pumpkin back to see her?! A woman that doesn't care about her daughter anymore?! A woman that abuses her daughter?! And Pumpkin is completely unable to say anything or do anything about it due to her disabilities! It doesn't make a bit of sense to me at all. This woman has proven herself. Aunt E and Uncle M should already have permanent custody! Shoot, they should already be in the process of being able to adopt Pumpkin. But this?!

Wrong! So very, very wrong!

They have court again in May. There isn't a damn thing I can do about this at all but pray. So here's my prayer request...can everyone in my internet circle of contacts please continue to pray for Pumpkin and her safety? It sounds like the State could be getting ready to make some very serious mistakes yet again. I fear for Pumpkin.


Mitzy said...

It just never ends, does it? I will be praying for Pumpkin.

The Campbell's Journey said...

Praying for Pumpkin!!

Anonymous said...

So very, very sad and wrong. I will pray.

Foster Mom - R said...

I have never heard of a state paying so much in airfare! Prayers for Pumpkin. I'm glad you got some closure and weren't left wondering.

Sunday Taylor said...

They system is broken :(

Mie said...

I'm trying not to get so disheartened and jaded by the system despite how hard the system is sucking right now. Ugh. Poor Pumpkin. Will pray for her.

mjm said...


Mama P said...

I haven't stopped praying for her since she left...I'll just add this to the details. UGH. STUPID STUPID STUPID DHS

sheldonanddenise said...

This system is so so messed up!!!! Way worse where you are then in Missouri. Praying for Pumpkin and for the hard work you have done. So sorry.