Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A letter to the school

This letter is going in Dolly's book bag tomorrow. I know mistakes happen. But it really bothers me when schools drop the ball like this....

Yesterday my husband was in a very serious accident on his way to work. I did everything I possibly could to ensure the safety of all of my children before leaving to go to the hospital. (Side note: I called the school, told them the situation first thing Wednesday morning and said that Dolly had to go to daycare after school. I was assured that it would not be a problem at all.)

It was only because of the grace of God that I was home when Dolly got off the bus Wednesday. The bus driver does not check to make sure any adults are home. For all he knew Dolly could have been walking in to an empty house.

I am not pointing this note at any one person but I feel that I must address this particular issue. I have many extra rules and regulations that I am required to adhere to because Dolly is a foster child. I have to be able to trust that the school is able to follow these rules too.

TODAY: please make sure that Dolly is put on the shuttle to Day Care after school. I am hoping to be at the hospital getting my husband to bring him home at the same time school is getting out. I cannot afford for this mistake to happen twice.

Thank you.
Cherub Mamma


MamaFoster said...

Oh my. That is bad on their part.

Meg0422 said...

Did you also call the daycare? What a high-stress scary day for you guys. Wish I could help! {hugs}

Meg0422 said...

Did you also call the daycare? What a high-stress scary day for you guys. Wish I could help! {hugs}

CherubMamma said...

Yeah - I dropped Dolly off at day care in the morning before going to the hospital. They had instructions to take her to afternoon preschool and to pick her up when it was over. Unfortunately, Dolly got loaded on the bus before day care got there. Day care totally didn't drop the ball. But there was nothing they could do if the school couldn't produce the child.

Rhonda said...

Wow totally scary! I know you shudder to think what might have happened if you had not been home when she got off the bus. I had a similar situation with my son when he was 7. Thankfully a neighbor who had a child that got off at the same bus stop took him in. For about an hour I had no idea where he was. That was 22 years ago, and I still get nauseous when I think about it. Never a dull moment at your house :( Hope your hubby feels better soon!

G said...

That is absolutely not acceptable for any child. So glad you happened to be home!

I think your letter is well-written and calmly stated. Much calmer than I would be!

Annie said...

That is scary...but, as an educational administrator, I do know that mistakes happen however diligent everyone tries to be.

I'm trying to think how you could have both a belt and suspenders on this one. Seeing how busy a school office can be, and how many things can go wrong.....Such things can happen when everyone does their best to make SURE people know.

Maybe talking to her teacher as well as the office, might help.

shellyx6 said...

Heart attack!!! I hope your husband is alright.

Mama P said...

Leave it to HeadStart. I FREAKING HATE HEAD START. HeadStart is about as good and effective as our national DHS system. @@

Side note:I think I've caught your case of bad 'tude, mama. LOL

CherubMamma said...

This wasn't HeadStart. Honestly...from my experience down here...HeadStart is WAY better than the public school.

Dude is in HeadStart. But because there was a waiting list, I was required to put Dolly in PreK at the public school instead. The transportation system at the public school is HORRID! They literally pile the kids in 3-4 to a seat (bus over capacity). Kids run all over the place and the drivers don't do anything about it. you can tell...they don't pay attention to the PreK kids and whether or not they are being supervised when they drop them off.

In this case though, I place most of the blame on Dolly's teacher. If I understood the school correctly (when I called in to give them a piece of my mind) the teacher knew but had forgotten. And really - I can excuse her. It's just repeated things that she's done. She refuses to recognize that Dolly's life experiences might require that she be treated just a bit differently.

Mama P said...

Ugh. I still feel that way about Headstart. We don't have public pre-k yet, except for special needs, and when K was in that class, he was allowed to guzzle water from a sink all day, as well as sit in the lap and nuzzle every adult in the classroom. Really productive stuff.

This is why I cannot stand that my children can't just stay home with me for the first 8-10 years of life, lol.

Well, hopefully nothing else happens until May..