Thursday, February 21, 2013

Maybe Dude should drop some gum?

Do you know how long it takes to get the tangles out
when Dolly decides to toss her hair all about in the bathtub before bed?!

You can bet your britches that if we ever get permanent custody,
Locks for Love will be getting a nice long donation!


shellyx6 said...

Carrying that load of hair has to be hard for her. When I was little, my hair was super long too, I had to move it before I could use the restroom. When it was finally cut, it was sooo much lighter! One of my daughters had super thick, long hair. We cut it a few weeks ago, she was so happy! Why on earth won't the mom allow you to at least "trim" it so it's even? Nightmare, nightmare, nightmare with those tangles.

Mama P said...

Too bad you can't get her to feign horrible headaches daily, so you could get a medical order to have some of it cut off.

The gum really isn't too bad of an idea, but I know your luck and even if somehow Dude actually does do that unprompted, you'd face some sort of wrath from it. @@

CherubMamma said...

I shudder to think of what kind of trouble I would end up in if anything happens to this hair.

CPS told me that Grandma N made a comment about cutting it off and then just dealing with the "legal" consequences. They then told me that it would not be unreasonable for Grandma to not get placement because of it. (yikes!! -- I sure wish she would have chopped it off!!)

I just keep praying that this adventure will be over in May. If (oh God help me if this happens)...if they stay in Care I will ask the judge about getting it cut. Honestly - it's my job as a foster parent to teach life skills to my cherubs. Dolly is completely unable to wash or care for her own hair in any way shape or form! That should be grounds enough to get it cut.

But for now, I'll just take pictures and complain. :)

Meg0422 said...

Ok. What? Grandma cuts hair so no custody. But would get custody if 1. No car seat. 2. Syringes. 3. Cockroaches. 4. Felons not only driving the kids around but also probably sleeping in the house. 5. Having the kids sleep in her bed. And 6. Druggy dad hanging around. Yeah. That's messed up. Heard from the GAL yet?

CherubMamma said...

It's mind blowing isn't it Meg?!

And no, the GAL hasn't called me back. It was my intention to call him again this week but my schedule got turned on its end when my hubby had his accident Wednesday morning.

I'm going to be in his business (the GAL's) next week though! That's for sure!!!

sheldonanddenise said...

What about going to the bathroom and getting dressed? Surely they would give permission if its hindering her daily life skills. How could she possibly go to the bathroom without it dipping into the toilet or getting caught in her undies. Maybe you could show them and mom the picture of her sitting down. Mom may think it looks pretty or something, but SHE is obviously NOT caring for it! I'm sure its a control issue at the expense of this little sweets! Check out Pinterest for some cool braids! Blessings!

CherubMamma said...

Dolly swings her head to the side and pushes her hair to the front if she's going to the bathroom with it down. However, I don't let her wear it down - ever. It's always up in a pony tail or some kind of a braid. (And yes, Pinterest has given me lots of ideas!)

I know why Bio Mom leaves the hair long. TOTAL STRANGERS come up to Dolly ALL THE TIME and touch her hair. In the culture where we live it is so incredibly prized. I'm sure when Bio Mom did have custody she loved all the attention.

Long hair is so prized I heard Bio Dad say that Dolly has to let it grow until it touches the ground.

But it is hindering her ability to self care. Dolly can't brush the length. Nor could she even begin to effectively wash and rinse it!!

It's frustrating. But really - it's minor in the grand scheme of things. Eventually it will get cut so I know Dolly won't have to deal with it forever. Bio Mom is NOT getting custody!! And Grandma N wants it cut as badly as I do. Something tells me that Dolly will be in the beauty salon before too long.

NK Sailor said...

It's long and complicated, but my is it gorgeous!!! Locks of Love would be lucky to get it!!

G said...

I know you can't, but....

it would be so tempting to let Dolly "practice cutting with scissors" and oops! She cut her hair! (My bio daughter did that at around age 4.)