Monday, February 25, 2013

Mr. Amazing is on the mend

I just realized that I left the story of the motorcycle accident just kinda hanging out here in bloggy-land. Sorry about that.

Mr. Amazing had to stay the night at the hospital last Wednesday. He was released on Thursday. Each day since he has made a bit of progress. (Though he does have me a little concerned today...he's unusually cold and tired. He's not running a fever though so we continue to wait it out.) The most important thing is that he's home now and is doing fine overall. The motorcycle was completely totaled. Our insurance company has been awesome and that is all taken care of. I'm sure Mr. Amazing will be getting a new bike sooner than later.

Our little respite cherub Angel went home Sunday. If I might continue to beg for prayers....please pray for baby Angel and her two sisters. It is possible that they will be reunited with their mom Tuesday. Mom's boyfriend is quite suspect (possible perpetrator) and all CPS has done is tell Mom he can't come around. And of course, the boyfriend is still everywhere he's not supposed to be and CPS is turning a blind eye.

Like I said though, my cherubs are all doing well. Herman has his permit and is learning to drive. He's also started counseling and I think it's really going to make a difference this time.

TT has been stressed; but he's talking and not raging!

Bart continues to bounce off the walls like always. I'm working on staying connected with him emotionally so that he will not feel the need to disobey as often. I know that if he feels like I'm really listening to him, he's less likely to go off in a rage. Bart is Bart though. All is well.

Dude and Dolly are doing fine. Nothing new to report. I will say that I am REALLY enjoying having them all to myself. Granted, Dolly randomly asked, "are we going anywhere?" last week a lot! (She didn't know how to word it but she wanted to know if there were going to be any visits.) Eventually we got it through her head that the answer is no. She was never outwardly sad that we told her no. But she did ask several times. Dude loved hearing that we weren't going anywhere! He is so not a fan of visits!

The next thing on my agenda is to get ahold of the blasted GAL. I meant to call him again last week but it went to the bottom of my to do list after the accident. I just put a reminder on my phone though to go off in the morning. We will make contact!!

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