Sunday, March 24, 2013


When Minnie finally arrived on Friday at 3:00PM -- FOUR HOURS later than she had told me she was going to arrive -- I did ask what time she would be dropping the cherubs off on Sunday.

Minnie's answer, "7:00, 8:00,'s going to be late."

That's all she said. And since I was fuming so bad because she was so late and had destroyed my Friday, I didn't say anything else. What could I say?! Obviously this woman thinks I sit around all weekend waiting for her anyway!

So, when they finally arrived tonight at 9:00PM, I wasn't surprised when all Minnie nonchalantly said was, "Sorry we're late. There were flight problems."

Of course I wanted to pop off with something about how hard it must be to send a text nowadays.

But I kept it to myself.

I will NOT do this again. We've only got one visit left before court -- but I WILL make contact with Minnie and/or her supervisor and I WILL have the full flight itinerary (complete with flight numbers) in my hands before the next visit weekend.

For now though, I will let it go. I will forgive Minnie. The last two sermons at my church have convicted me strongly on my need to forgive Minnie for what she does to ME. I'm still trying to discern what it means to forgive her for what she does to ME and still advocate against what she's trying to do to my cherubs. But I'll get there.

God is bigger than all this silly drama.

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