Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Essential Oils always....slept in my room last night. The cherub falls asleep in his own bed every single night without issue. However, whether it's due to honest to goodness fear - or if it's just become a habit - he comes in to my room in the middle of the night and curls up on the floor next to my side of the bed. (We keep a pillow and blanket there for him just in case.)

I swear -- trauma seems to most strongly affect three things in my opinion:
1. bodily functions
2. food issues
3. sleeping

TT only has problems with sleeping.

Despite how awful yesterday was though, TT is in a great mood this morning. He just begged me to cuddle him for a bit. I pulled him up on to my lap and we started cuddling.

The first thing I had him do was give me lots of eye contact. He doesn't have a problem with this, but I still do it specifically when we are cuddling just to keep that connection.

Then I played our silly game where I ask him, "Who loves you?" He knows he's supposed to answer that I love him but all my kids start out saying everyone else BUT me. (That's the game!!) I tickle and poke all over the child until they say that I love them. It's hilarious! It is a playful reminder of how many people in my cherubs' lives love them. And they are in complete control of when the "game" ends. It does get a bit obnoxious though when they start listing their friends' pets before they will say that I love them.  :)

After this I started going over what our day is going to look like. I told TT that we would likely be going out to run errands after Dolly's bus comes to take her to school. I told TT that after yesterday I really wanted to buy some essential oils. I told him that they might be able to help him self-regulate.

TT asked me what essential oils are and I started to explain. I barely got through any kind of description when his face lit up and he said, "Ohhhhhh.....essential oils. I'm going to be king!!!! You're going to anoint me." He then burst into a fit of giggles about becoming king!

We'll have to see. Maybe King TT will rule today. This oughta be good.

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