Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Grandma cancelled this weekend

Grandma N -- the Grandma that "wants" to care for my children for the rest of their lives -- can't be bothered with a visit this weekend.

Without any confidence (maybe she doesn't believe her either??) Minnie told me that Grandma has to be at court with her son. You see, not only is Tio E a felon, but Bio Dad is in jail too. I suppose he could have court this Friday. But to sounds like a total cop-out. The kids were supposed to arrive on Friday late morning / early afternoon. They leave on Sunday. I struggle to believe that court is conflicting with this schedule.

What will Grandma do with the cherubs if she gains custody? Her two sons have not turned from their lives of crime. I highly doubt court visits will cease and she will turn her attention to the cherubs she supposedly cares for.

The visit has been rescheduled for next weekend.

When I told the cherubs of the cancellation this Friday it was met with many cheers and much happiness!! They're looking forward to seeing Granny and Papa. My parents may live 1255 miles away but they've invested oh so much more in the lives of my cherubs. A visit from them is something to really look forward to! I'm glad Dude and Dolly won't have to miss any of it now.

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Foster Mom - R said...

I've been told over and over "let them hang themselves" maybe this is where she decides that she really doesn't want the responsibility.