Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Things I learned today....

  • My cherubs spent time with their uncle when they were in Dallas. Ya know...the uncle that is a wanted felon...the uncle that CPS supposedly told Grandma N to not allow over. Unfortunately the uncle was not arrested this past weekend. I'm hoping the law catches up to him sooner than later.
  • My cherubs slept with Grandma N again. Like always.
  • My cherubs (neither one) had a car seat this time around. Grandma N's car is broken and has been for the past two visits. My cherubs describe riding in the back seat of another person's car (they don't know who this person is). If I'm understanding them correctly the infant in the group gets a car seat but the other four children also in the back seat just share seat belts??? (if they even buckle up I guess)
  • Minnie wants my kids to start play therapy. This blows my mind. If they are leaving my care in six weeks -- why do we have to start this hassle?!
  • Dolly is five years old and has to have a psychological evaluation the next time the psychiatrist comes to our agency. I can hardly wait. I'd love to think that information gathered would help prove she needs to stay with me. But I know better.
  • I don't have to buy a crib immediately in order to accept the placement of a newborn. It seems that Bio Mom is seven months pregnant. (In full disclosure, I learned this last Friday.) If we were to get the call for this child, we can accept and then go buy a crib.
  • Rainbow knows just as much as I do about our chances of getting a call on said child.


Meg0422 said...

Omg. Please tell the judge at court. Want me to come there and do it? I'll do it. How do you just not scream?!

Mitzy said...

Oh man! This case is CRAZY. Sorry you are having to live through this, but thank goodness the cherubs have you.

Mie said...

What! A new baby too? I hate all of this. I'm going to email you.