Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April 23rd Sucks

7:30AM: Drop off Dolly at day care. Try to communicate with the staff that does not speak English that Dolly is supposed to stay there all day and NOT be taken to school. Pray they understand.

7:45AM: Drop off Dude at Head Start. Tell them that Dude will be staying all day that day. Pray Dude doesn't freak out.

8:30AM: Arrive at hotel across town so TT can take his state standardized math test. Pray he doesn't completely freak out due to anxiety. Pray he does well on the test. Pray that he's done early enough because....

12:45PM: Pick up Dolly from day care and race to the town where our agency is located. It has been determined that Dolly needs her psychological evaluation. She is five years old and our agency requires it. Now...she's been five since last September. Couldn't this have been done sooner?! We're not even going to have the test results available before we go to court.

2:00PM: Dolly's psych eval starts. I will have a ton of paperwork to fill out. Pray that TT and Bart can keep themselves entertained while I do this. Pray that Dolly is actually able to talk to the psychiatrist.

2:30PM: My husband has to get out of work early to pick up his parents at the airport. After nearly 20 years of marriage they are coming to our home for their second-ever overnight stay. (Granted...we used to live a lot closer.) They didn't check with us at all though when they bought the plane tickets. (Initially they were going to drive and arrive several days later.) Their timing now completely sucks!! And they are staying for an entire week.

4:00PM (approx.): Pick Dude up from Head Start. Spend the rest of the evening dealing with VERY freaked out cherubs. Dude will be stressed because he spent extra time at school.  Dolly will be stressed out due to the change in her schedule and the actual psych eval. They will feed off of each other and be dysregulated in general. Their nervous giggles will grate on me all night. TT will be stressed because of the test. Bart will be stressed because of boredom and the change in schedule. And everyone will be stressed by the presence of our guests.

I'm completely freaked out about April 23rd! Can I just skip the rest of this month please?!

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Annie said...

Oh, yes; I'd be pretty fearful myself...... I'm so sorry you all have to deal with this, and can't help but feel there ought to be a better way.