Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Going to Dallas again...

My cherubs are leaving for Dallas again this weekend. Because I will NOT go through another fiasco like I did last month, I sent an email to Minnie.
Can you please forward to me the flight numbers that you will be taking this coming Friday and Sunday with Dude and Dolly? I want to make sure that they are available for pick up and that my family is at home when it is time for their return.
Thank you.
This was the response Minnie sent:
I'm waiting for my travel arrangements but it looks like I will be picking them up at 4pm Friday and I will be back Sunday by 7pm.
Well, since things were about that vague a month ago I responded with:
When you can then, please forward to me the flight numbers so I can keep an eye on the actual departure and arrival times.
I have included Minnie's supervisor in all of this conversation. If for some reason she does not give me the actual flight numbers, I think I'm going to complicate things for her. We literally live within a couple blocks of the day care that I use and Dude's Head Start. Because I will NOT wait around for 4:00PM without knowing for sure when the flight is leaving exactly, I will make Minnie pick the children up elsewhere. She can stop at the day care for Dolly and over at Head Start for Dude. And I can take my forever cherubs and go somewhere else to play in the afternoon without waiting and waiting and waiting!! I will NOT go through that again!!!


CherubMamma said...

Amazing!! I just got flight numbers!!!

I'm now asking permission to have Minnie pick the cherubs up at day care. Yes, it's slightly more stressful for Dude and Dolly. However, it will almost eliminate the stress for TT and Bart. And right now, they are the ones that are mine forever and I have to do all that I can to minimize their stress too.

MamaFoster said...

glad u have the flight numbers :)

Meg0422 said...

I hope it all works out for you this time! As MamaFoster said, I'm glad you have the flight numbers!!

CandCFamily said...

Good for you, she is on a power trip, don't let her win.