Thursday, April 18, 2013


Right or wrong I'm taking Dude & Dolly to day care in the morning. Dude is supposed to get out of school early so it's just easier for him to wait for the blasted visit to Dallas at day care instead of going to school, coming home, and not engaging for the rest of the afternoon. I do feel a little guilty. I know it's going to stress him out. But I'm in self-preservation mode too. I've got to take care of my own emotional needs as well as those of the cherubs I'm going to be parenting forever. Day care will take Dolly to preschool and pick her up afterward. Minnie will pick them both up around 4:00PM and they will fly north. I won't spend the entire day with that damned visit hanging over my head. And on the plus side, I won't have to see Minnie until she drops the cherubs off on Sunday. (And...just for you Mama P...maybe I'll practice taking secret pictures between now and then. LOL)

Mr. Amazing didn't get the promotion he had all but been promised today. He's angry. He's frustrated. This just adds to the overall stress in our home.

Herman is STRUGGLING right now. We're seeing all sorts of wonky behavior out of him. I don't write much about the crazy this darling cherub adds to our family. But it seems the Good Lord did not see fit to give me a single "easy kid". Herman is 16 but he often has a maturity level much younger than his chronological age. It's hard for me to adjust to this because I used to consider him quite mature. He has ADD that we are trying to manage with both medication and counseling. We're making miniscule amounts of progress though. Right now I'm just praying we all make it until the end of the school year intact. He's horribly behind in many of his classes and he's got a TON of work to do get caught up and actually pass 10th grade. And, because this is Texas, he's got right up until almost the last day of school to actually do the work and turn it in...even if it was due over a month ago. << sigh >>

TT is wonked out too. The poor kid has a TON on his plate right now. The list is quite extensive and there isn't much of an end in sight. He was worried when I went out of town last weekend. He got sick the day I got back. (I still don't know if it was from his overall anxiety or if he really had a bug of some kind.) He has his state standardized tests next week and he's got test anxiety. Then, my in-laws are coming. He's super stressed about that. Then we have court. Then it's Mother's Day. (Never forget....MD can be super stressful for adopted kids! I've made this mistake before. It wasn't pretty.) Things aren't going to mellow out for him until summer either.

Bart does OK as long as I remember to give him his caffeine pill in the morning. Bart is Herman times about 1000. Bart definitely has ADHD. We're choosing at this point in time to only medicate at home, when necessary, with caffeine. It works very similar to the Rx stimulants and it keeps me from having to see doctors all the time. And, for Bart, it seems to be working. He managed to get through the standardized tests I wanted him to take at the end of the year. He seems to be processing all the crazy OK. Here's to praying that he stays status quo.

Dude's teacher told me today that Dude is acting up again in school. just started this week. And oh yeah....I went out of town last weekend. It's a no-brainer to me. But given his circumstances, there isn't anything I can do but assure him that I'm here for him now.

Dolly even acted up while I was gone. The wonky sure does seem to revolve around me. Sometimes it's hard to not take it personally. If I do "this" different or "this" better maybe my kids will be "better".  aaaccckkkkk!!!

I'm trying to look forward to this weekend. I detest having to send the cherubs to Dallas. least I get to sleep in on Saturday as late as I absolutely want. There is something nice about having kids that can fully take care of themselves. We don't have any major plans for the weekend. Herman has to do his schoolwork. I need to clean the house to get ready for my in-laws. Hopefully the wonky will take a break. I could use it for sure!

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