Tuesday, May 28, 2013

523 pieces so far!

I wish my puzzle pictures could match the donation amount. But alas, it's going to take a long time to catch up with the actual putting together of the puzzle. I had fun sitting with two of my boys tonight putting together a small handful of pieces though!

On a positive note, I guess this is actually a good problem to have. People have been so generous. We've had 523 puzzle pieces donated so far! I'm not nervous at all about having to cut another check to the lawyer soon.

Thank you all so much. If you're so inclined, a donation button is up in the right hand corner of this blog. All proceeds are going toward the potential costs of $15-20,000 to intervene in our CPS case. Our only goal is to keep Dude and Dolly in a safe and loving permanent home. Since CPS can't seem to accomplish this, we've stepped in.

Dude and Dolly are excited about it too! Daily I hear, "Mommy...I want to be an Eldridge!!!" All of us are ready for permanency!! Thank you for helping us achieve this.


MamaFoster said...

I'm no good at puzzles. :)

openarmsopenheart said...


And name alert you forgot some stars E******..... :)

CherubMamma said...

Thanks for the catch on the name. But I got tired of writing out the *** after real names so I made up a fake one to use instead. :)

Meg0422 said...

I love paydays! Get out more pieces!