Monday, May 6, 2013

All right...All right....y'all wanna know what happened

I love to look at the stats on this blog. You can always tell when something is going on. My numbers compared to "normal for me" were HUGE last summer. Nothing like a good investigation to bring all kinds of readers to my blog. LOL

And then there are days like today.

I can tell everyone is checking in to see what happened.


without fanfare, it was decided that the cherubs will....

wait for it....

wait for it....

stay with us yet again!!

N.O.T.H.I.N.G. happened today. Court started almost 1.5 hours late. (Yes, I had to keep two preschoolers calm and quiet in a courtroom for over two hours with nothing for them to do.) When it did start it was the same thing as always. The State wants the kids to go to Grandma's in Dallas.

The attorney ad litem and the guardian ad litem both spoke of the cherubs' desires to stay with us. CPS said the children are fine and they want to place with Grandma. Minnie did mention that there have been increased behaviors out of Dude surrounding the visits to Dallas. She was very wishy-washy in her explanation though. The guardian indicated that the behaviors could easily have increased because they DON'T want to go to Dallas. (Minnie really tried to say the kids want to STAY in Dallas.)

Then it all came down to this brand new relationship with Miss Mary, the cherubs' therapist. Because the cherubs have only seen her three times, there are no therapy notes to offer up to the court. And today, despite everyone asking the cherubs where they want to live, today they are too young to be taken seriously all on their own.

Bio Mom is scheduled to get out of jail on June 27. They have called a Special Hearing for July 1st at 9:00. During that hearing we will do this all over again. Only, Bio Mom will be present AND we will have therapy notes to read to the judge. (They did mention that Bio Mom is pregnant and ready to deliver soon. That didn't affect this case at all.)

Visits to Dallas will continue. The guardian wants to start phone calls between Grandma N and the cherubs. Everyone wants to try and force some kind of a relationship here that just doesn't exist. Shoot -- the cherubs didn't even look up at Grandma when she arrived in court today. It took Minnie forcing them to acknowledge her before they even said "hi". And Grandma is so incredibly stoic that she says and does nothing to interact with the cherubs. I've never seen a grandma like her in all my life. She is so very, very detatched.

After our case adjourned the guardian caught me outside the courtroom. He very clearly said, "If you want to adopt these children, you have to hire a lawyer and intervene."

I questioned him. I said, "I thought you could advocate for them/us. If you say it is in their best interests for them to stay with us they could, right?"

The guardian told me again that we need to hire a lawyer. The most he would be able to do would be to get us PMC. (And then, if we wanted to adopt, we would still have to hire a lawyer.)

Prayerfully we have to consider this as an option. The cherubs both used their strong voices today and told complete strangers that they want to live with us. I know we have the support of the judge (at least that was what he said in January at our last hearing). I'm pretty sure we have the support of the cherubs' guardian and therapist. The only person NOT in favor of us taking custody is CPS. (Well...and Bio Mom of course. Bio Mom still thinks she can get the kids back.)

I don't know what we're going to do other than pray and begin to explore our legal options. I'm not sure if I can find a lawyer that would take this case AND be willing to charge us a fair amount that we can afford. But I think we just might try.


After court Minnie had me take the cherubs over to the CPS office. They were to have a visit with Grandma N for an hour. I ran through a drive-thru, bought them some crap, and got over to CPS right away. Minnie took FOREVER to get there and Grandma didn't come until after that. However, I was told to return at 1:15 to get the children. At about 12:50 I came back and sat in the parking lot for a bit. Then I came in and went to the restroom. I was sitting in a front waiting room away from the CPS portion of the building. However, the cherubs must have seen my vehicle because at about 12:55 they just got up and walked out to the front room to see me. They didn't say goodbye to Grandma. They didn't ask for permission from CPS. They just got up and came to me.

Seems perfectly clear to me what they want. If only CPS would care.


acceptance with joy said...

I have a feeling this is all going to turn out okay in the end. It is just too whacked out weird to send those precious kids to Dallas and to someone who doesn't want them.

MamaFoster said...

I am glad you posted. I definitely don't think they came back to you after the investigation for nothing. I have faith that this will have a happy ending.

G said...

Oh, thanks for the update! So glad to hear that it is not over and you have time to pray and reflect and choose wisely.