Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Another toothbrush story

Dude took his shower first last night. That meant he was the first kid to brush his teeth. I sat on my bed outside the bathroom watching him as he finished up.

First he reached up to put his toothbrush on the right side of all three toothbrushes (next to his sister's).

Then, he spoke only to himself and said, "No....Mommy's." And he reached forward and put his toothbrush next to mine on the left.

As he was doing so he pushed all three toothbrushes together and said, "Close...like that."

Who knew toothbrushes could tell such a story?!


Mitzy said...

This is SO precious!

Rinette said...

Wow! These toothbrush updates are extremely interesting. Very impressive and such a clear sign that Dude wants to stay with you.
(I've never commented before, but reading your blog since a few months now.)

sheldonanddenise said...

I really think you should share these toothbrush stories and pics with the therapist....they speak volumes!!! Prayin' prayin' prayin'!!!