Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dude & Dolly's Puzzle Fundraiser

The puzzle is starting to get a little easier. I swear there are still a million pieces to put together. But the big kids are having fun and I've decided it's probably healthier for me to put together a puzzle than it is to play Candy Crush Saga.


Meg0422 said...

Have the big kids discussed what they think about the help from all over, from people who don't necessarily know them?

CherubMamma said...

Yeah - the big kids are blown away by the support. They truly see it as a gift from God being carried out by people. It's been amazing!

I just tell Dude & Dolly that these are all the people that are helping them to become Eldridges. That makes them smile!!

Msmoozy said...

Hey I love to play my Candy Crush Saga.... Lol