Sunday, May 19, 2013

How close?

Mama Foster, in response to my last post, asked me, "How close were the kids to being moved in with grandma at the last court date? Was it suggested?"

From the very beginning, the State has always said that they want to send the cherubs to Dallas. At every single hearing the State's goal has been "Relative Conservatorship".

Well, technically the first hearing was just to establish that the removal was valid. It took place two weeks after the cherubs came to me. It wasn't a "placement hearing" so it went quickly and didn't say much other than the fact that the kids were in foster care. But by the next hearing in November 2011, the goal was set in place to get the kids to Dallas. And that goal has never changed.

The kids were really close to being sent to Dallas this last time – just like they have been every single time we have gone before the judge. Honestly, the fact they haven't gone is nothing short of a miracle. In hindsight I see how the pieces have all fallen together in our favor. That's why I'm praying so hard for CPS to finally step up and do their jobs right now. The State of Texas has grounds to terminate parental rights. And I believe the case against Grandma N is strong enough that nobody should continue to try and push for that placement either. It will be two years on June 15. Two years of playing this "game". But still, I don't know what's going to happen when we go before the judge again on July 1. I'm hoping that I'll have a better idea this time around though because by then, my lawyer will be in the thick of things with me.

How long should I wait before I call our lawyer to see the status of things? I don't want to bother Ms. Colorado too much, but I'm dying to know what Minnie said when she found out we are intervening! Sure wish I could have been a fly on the wall during that conversation!


openarmsopenheart said...

I would be desperate to know! :P

Msmoozy said...

Hun I just started to follow your blog and regards to days post, I would be on the phone with the lawyer already..LOL I guess I can be annoying that way but I would have to know, that is the worst part of waiting....the NOT knwoing! :-)

I am wishing and praying for the best for all of you! ~Hugs~

aka. Mimi said...

OH! I would have LOVED to have seen Minnie's face when she found out! I guess Minnie hasn't mentioned anything to you, huh? :-)

CherubMamma said...

No, Minnie hasn't said a thing yet. But I'm sure we'll talk this week.

You see...last week I "illegally" spoke with Great Grandma P. She just got back from a trip to Dallas to see family and would like to see the cherubs. I told her that last week was pretty busy but this week would be fine. I'm sure Minnie, in all her kindness, will call me last minute and tell me I have to come for the visit.

Little does she know that I'm already prepared for it so the last minute notice isn't going to phase me.

Either that or Minnie will continue to ignore the calls from GGP and she'll ignore me completely until it's time for me to send the cherubs on another visit to Dallas. --- because I'm sure the "staffing" after the last visit didn't amount to anything.

abrianna said...

Will you also try to get their sibling?

CherubMamma said...

@Abrianna -- At this time we are not actively trying to gain custody of the baby. Bio Mom is currently housed in a facility that will allow her to keep the baby. Once free, I don't think the State is planning on taking the baby. Bio Mom is going to get another chance.

And this particular baby has a different bio dad from Dude and Dolly. There might be family on his side that would step up to take the infant should it become necessary.

And last...the baby has been exposed to (for sure) drugs and (most likely) alcohol during Bio Mom's pregnancy. I know with a great deal of certainty that Bio Mom was using synthetic weed. I'm 41 and not exactly sure how equipped I am to raise a drug baby to adulthood at this stage in my life.

However...if we were to get the call.... :)