Friday, May 10, 2013

Introducing...Ms. Colorado

I guess it's time to add another character to our story. Today I'd like to introduce Ms. Colorado. She is now representing my husband and I in the best interests of Dude and Dolly. As soon as paperwork is filed (hopefully next week) we will be legal players in this case.

I met with Ms. Colorado at 2:00PM today in her law office. I was quite pleased to see that any concerns that I could have had were immediately put to rest.
  1. She is not a private lawyer acting alone. She is the owner of the law office where several other professionals practice.
  2. Her law office had a nice atmosphere to it. It was professional and everyone seemed organized. She didn't make me wait. Our appointment started on time.
  3. She has worked with CPS for the past 13 years. She's even worked in the county where my cherubs are from. She knows her stuff about how this should work.
  4. She didn't give me any false promises of hope. She was honest. However, she did say that if everything is as I say it is, we do have a strong case. (She didn't use those exact words, but she did seem very confident!)
I have a receipt for the first of what is sure to be many invoices. Ms. Colorado did say that she would allow me to do some leg work. For example, if paperwork needs to be filed in the county where this case originated, she'll allow me to drive it there as opposed to paying her or someone in her office to do it. I will do whatever it takes to keep the costs down.

That's the biggest reason why I'm posting yet again today.
I know the best thing for this case right now is prayer.

Ms. Colorado made it very clear that if CPS steps up and does their job, this won't take as long nor will it be as costly. And, if everything I said to her today is true, CPS does have grounds to petition to terminate parental rights.

So I need prayers. I need people flooding the heavens with my request. Please pray that CPS will not fight this intervention. Please pray that Minnie will step back and act in the cherubs' best interests. If CPS does not fight this, they can petition for termination. They can foot that portion of the bill. And because this case is over that magic 12 month mark, and then the magic 6 month extension after that, there are grounds to terminate. Both parents are in jail. Neither parent has worked any part of any plan. And top it all off...the relative the State thinks they should go to is not safe. If the State terminates, Grandma N will have to hire her own lawyer and petition for adoption if she's interested. And I can almost guarantee that she is NOT going to put forth that kind of effort.

I am in awe of the support my family has received today since the fundraiser started. I am in total AWE. Thank you all so much for what you've done for my family. I finally starting to feel a little bit better. Mr. Amazing just walked in the house and he said he can see on my face that I'm a lot less stressed.

I'm still going to spend the better part of my weekend in prayer. Not only do I need all the prayers above, but Dude and Dolly are in Dallas right now! And after their last visit, I know that I need to pray for their protection even more than ever.

Thank you again for your support. I'm begging for your prayers. My mantra for this entire adventure is going to be, "God is bigger than this mess!"


Anonymous said...

I will be praying for peace and wisdom for you and your husband. I'm touched by your perseverance when there are substantial obstacles against you. But, "they God of angel armies" is on your side!!! I have loved following your blog the last couple of years. It has inspired me to potentially get involved in foster care in the future. Hugs

CherubMamma said...

No joke gw...that line from a song we sing in church has been stuck in my head for days now!

The God of angel armies is always by my side!!!