Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Less Scared

Deep breaths....

Mr. Amazing took Dude aside before supper and casually asked about the incident at school. Dude told Mr. Amazing that the reason he pulled his pants down was because he had to go potty and he didn't want to wet the bed. (They sleep on little cots at school.)

This could be truth.
OR it could be Dude repeating what he heard his teacher tell me. (She never takes me aside to tell me sensitive information. It's infuriating!)

However...Dude did tell Mr. Amazing that he most definitely DID go to Tio Eli's house over the weekend. I'm 97% sure that is the secret that really has been plaguing the cherubs since they returned from Dallas. Grandma was told the cherubs were to have no contact with Tio Eli and Grandma took them over to his house. She told the cherubs to keep it a secret.

Can I pray that THIS information is enough to stop the insanity of placing the cherubs in Dallas permanently?!

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