Thursday, May 23, 2013

Out of the mouths of babes

Rainbow made a home visit this afternoon. Sure enough, Dolly bounced right up to her (twirling her big long braid around) and announced, "I want to be an Eldridge!" Rainbow looked at her kind of funny. (Dolly doesn't enunciate well when she's excited!) Dolly continued bouncing and chanting, "I want to be an Eldridge!"

Then....then she went on.

"I want to be an Eldridge. I want to play out front. I want to go over to my friends' houses. I want to be an Eldridge!!"

Oh crap.

Rainbow is slightly concerned that if the children announce what would be different after adoption that it will look like I'm trying to talk them in to this.

She's probably right.

But dammit! It's the truth. I'm not allowed to let my kids play in the front yard unless I'm sitting RIGHT THERE with them. Let's just say I've got better things to do with my time than sit around in my front yard doing nothing. (My back yard has balls, a small basketball hoop, hula hoops, a scooter, a swing set and a sand box so it's not like I'm torturing them in the back yard.) And my kids aren't allowed to play over at anyone's house unless all of the adults have passed a full background check. I'm not in a place to require my entire neighborhood to submit themselves to that.

But wouldn't ya know it?! I said that stuff to Dolly ONE TIME. Only once did I tell her that things would be different after she became an Eldridge. We've talked that there would be no more social workers, lawyers, or judges. But only once did I say that other stuff.

I hate the chess game that IS this intervention. I can't wait until all the parties playing the game know I'm involved now too!!

I did coach the cherubs a bit at dinner tonight. I told them that I want the LAWYER to tell Minnie they want to Eldridges. I said it's a surprise and eventually everyone will know. But right now, I need the lawyer to tell Minnie.


MamaFoster said...

lol nice. :) oh well

POWmom01 said...

Dolly is so smart. She seems VERY much aware of everything going on.