Friday, May 24, 2013

Parole denied

  • The cherubs did not tell Minnie that I hired a lawyer. The visit with Great Grandma P was uneventful as far as Minnie was concerned. It lasted an hour and we parted ways. Minnie smiled at me and thanked me for bringing the cherubs. (Like I had a choice.)
  • I did speak with GGP in the parking lot. It seems that Bio Mom has had her parole denied. I realize it's wrong to celebrate someone else's problems. But...this helps OUR case. CPS really has no reason to not terminate rights now. I'm so anxious for this game to honestly start! I so want to know how CPS is going to play their next move!!
  • Because Bio Mom is NOT getting out in late June she will not be at the next hearing on July 1st. I can wait before I tell the cherubs that they are getting a new brother or sister. This is good as they would not understand anyway. This new baby is complicated. How on Earth would I explain to two cherubs that they cannot be with Mommy but the new baby can?! This is quite complex because the two cherubs in question don't really remember their Bio Mom much at all. They are drawn to their bio family but they don't remember life with their bio family. They are equally, if not more so, drawn to us as well. I imagine in a perfect world the kids would like to merge the two families. Obviously that's not going to happen right now.
  • Relatives are crawling out of the woodwork for the new baby. I guess there are at least two of them that thought they could just drive to the jail and take the baby from Bio Mom. < sigh > GGP spoke with Minnie about it a little. GGP doesn't know if CPS is planning on removing the baby or not. I guess she's going to pass on Minnie's contact information to the relatives that want the baby. GGP told Minnie that she wants the baby to come to us. (yikes!)
  • I'm definitely not going to "fight" for the new baby.


MamaFoster said...

boy this new baby. i keep forgetting about it. it is best to let the relatives duke it out...but don't be surprised when you get the call.

Msmoozy said...

wow i am glad they did not say anything! :-) Take the baby one day at a time and see where it will go. ~Hugs~