Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Puzzle update

I am in awe at how many people have come forward to support our legal needs as we strive to adopt Dude and Dolly. I love how Mie phrased it. She asked her blog readers for prayers and for financial support for us and said, "I happen to believe that when you do both - pray and donate - you're attacking this problem with Cherub Mamma in the spiritual world AND the physical and that the combination is powerful." I could not agree more! I continue to storm the heavens myself with prayers begging for CPS to do their jobs so this adoption can happen.

Last night Dolly melted down for the first time in months and months. It all started when she and Dude could not settle down at bedtime. From what I can tell they have few rules when they go to Dallas for a visit. Bedtime does not exist at all there. So when they get back, they often have a difficult night or two settling back in to their normal routine. Last night was one of those difficult nights. I went upstairs and gave the little cherubs a what-for. They cried. I left the room. However, about 15 minutes later I could still see the red lines on the baby monitor flickering. I went back upstairs.

Dolly was sobbing in to her pillow.

I sat down and asked her what was wrong. She just stared at me with these big brown eyes full of sadness. I asked again. She just whimpered and stared. Then I told her she needs to use her strong voice to tell me what the problem is. I can't help her if she won't tell me.

Dolly burst into tears again and cried out, "I miss my Mommy C***!"

I scooped Dolly up on to my lap and I told her, "Of course you do." We then proceeded to have quite the discussion about missing her first mommy. She took it all in. I told her she will always miss her first mommy and that's OK. It's sad. It's OK to be sad.

Then I told her that TT has a first mommy too. Dolly sat straight up and looked me in the eyes. (I've told her this before but it obviously didn't make sense back then.) I looked at Dolly and I told her that TT misses his first mommy too. Sometimes he's sad too. That really seemed to comfort her.

Throughout the conversation we discussed that God never wanted her to be separated from her first family. It makes God sad. But since Dolly's first mommy isn't doing the right things to keep herself safe, God brought Dolly to me and to our family. It's our job to love on Dolly and to keep her safe now.

Dolly settled down and went to sleep. And this afternoon, with a huge smile on her face she said, "Remember Mommy? Remember last night Mommy? Remember when I told you I missed my Mommy C***? And you told me that was OK?" I just smiled and told her I remembered.

We are God's Plan B for Dude and Dolly. We truly are. But I'm confident beyond measure that God is working miracles to make Plan B happen. With the help of so many people I've never met, we're going to be able to finance our legal needs so we can keep Dude and Dolly where they want to be. Thank you to everyone that has sponsored a puzzle piece.

The cherubs started sorting pieces today.

The bigger cherubs tried to teach Dude and Dolly about edge pieces and inside pieces.

They made piles. Many times the bigger kids had to tell the littler kids to not put pieces together. (Dude and Dolly just wanted to start shoving things together!)

Everyone gathered around the box again to see if they could find the pictures of the "hidden" bears.

And then TT and Bart started putting some of the pieces together for the edge of the puzzle.

I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to coordinate this without losing pieces all over the floor. For now though the cherubs can put 188 pieces of the puzzle together!! As they work, it's going to be my job to add all the beautiful names of everyone that sponsored these pieces to the backs.

Thank you again for all you are doing for our family. We are truly blessed!

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Rebekah P said...

I just came across your blog and am praying for you and your sweet children. It's not fair or right that these children's lives are being kept in limbo for so long.

We just adopted three children from foster care, and I just love how you told Dolly that "It was not part of God's plan." I agree that it was never part of God's plan for any of our children to have suffered like this and lose their biological families. But it is his plan for all his children to know love, and we as their adoptive parents are stepping in to help God's plan be fulfilled for our precious children.