Thursday, May 2, 2013

Therapy for Dude & Dolly

The cherubs have seen Miss Mary two times now. Last week's appointment was a bit of a fiasco. She contacted me in the afternoon and needed to reschedule for later in the evening. I literally had to take two children that go to bed at 7:30PM to therapy at 7:30PM instead. I don't think she fully believed me when I told her that was right at bedtime but we would comply. And since Dude had a HORRIBLE week following the trip to Dallas, she was ready to attribute his hyped up behavior at therapy to the visit. I looked at her though and said, " IS one hour past their bedtime. They literally do go to bed at 7:30PM every night."

She took their bedtime into consideration when she scheduled this week's appointment. She came to our house this time at 5:00PM.

Now...I do NOT clean for social workers. Or lawyers. Or CASA. (Not that Dude & Dolly have a CASA...they don't. Or that their lawyers meet with them....they don't!) I don't special clean for foster care. I figure I want people to see the real me. I keep a reasonably clean home. But if you just pop in, there will be dishes on the counter, laundry by the machine and toys all over the playroom. Today though, as I thought about the power that Miss Mary truly does have in this case, I decided to clean.

I popped off a status update in a foster parent support group I belong to on Facebook saying I was going to clean for the therapist.  :)  It led to quite a conversation. Along the way, a friend of mine online, who just happens to be a foster mom AND a therapist decided to talk about what she would do with the kids if she was meeting with them tonight. She said she'd have them draw pictures of my house and of Grandma N's. From there she would have them draw pictures next to the places where they feel safe, where they have fun, where they are loved, where they have been scared, etc.

Fast forward to about an hour later. The littlest cherubs were playing outside. Bart, TT & Herman were playing together in the living room. And Miss Mary arrived. I gave her the nickle tour and we called the kids in. As she started to go upstairs Miss Mary said, "Are the art supplies are upstairs?"

I said, "No, they are down here. What would you like?"

Miss Mary said, "Well, I'd like some paper, crayons and pencils. Do you think the kids would be able to draw a picture of a house? And maybe some stick figures?"

As she started to describe what she was going to do my jaw dropped. Miss Mary looked at me and said, "What?! What's the matter?!"

I had to laugh. I had to tell her with my online friend had suggested. She thought it was pretty cool and laughed along with me. She then went upstairs to the playroom and situated the children separate from each other.

It's hard to tell what this picture is. The one above is Dolly's. Our house is on the left. Grandma N's apartment is on the right. Miss Mary said that Dolly very definitively said she wants to live with us. I'm not sure if that's what the box on the front means or if Dolly pointed to our house while they talked.

Below is Dude's picture. Our house is on top with Grandma N's underneath. The huge hand next to our house is his way of saying he wants to live with us. He too confirmed this with Miss Mary.
Miss Mary asked me to make copies of the pictures. She instructed me to bring them to court on Monday. I am to show them to the cherubs' lawyer(s). Her notes will also reflect what these pictures say and what they ultimately mean.

So, even though Miss Mary can't "officially" say where she thinks the cherubs should live....she is going to swing the pendulum in the other direction.

I'm not going to get my hopes up. I can't. But there is a chance that the cherubs will stay. There is still a chance.

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G said...

I know you aren't getting your hopes up because you are wise in the ways of Foster Care.

But I can't help dancing in my seat a bit with a big grin on my face at this post. Love the idea that the therapist that Minnie wanted may prove Minnie wrong in court. Love the thought that somebody with the enough power for the judge to be able to use their opinion is advocating for the kids. :)