Friday, June 21, 2013


Peer pressure has resulted in this:

Come join in the fun.


aka. Mimi said...

Those stinkin' "peers!" Lol. Love ya! Very happy you caved... :-)

kate said...

I am a FB holdout. So, I hope you'll continue to blog!

CherubMamma said...

I will TOTALLY continue to blog!!

I've just had some additional ideas brought to me for fundraising. And, in order to better facilitate those ideas, I think I'll have to run them through FB.

grkanga said...

Glad you will keep up blogging.
May we please have pictures (from the back) of Dolly's new hair cut?!!! SO thrilled for her. FINALLY!!! YAHOOOO!!

CherubMamma said...

There will be pictures!! Lots of pictures tomorrow!! I'll even throw in a few of our toes as we are both getting pedicures. :)