Monday, June 24, 2013

Fundraiser Giveaway

The kids keep walking by the table and saying, "Can we put any more pieces in Mom?"

I have to admit, I've been kind of hogging the puzzle.  :)  Dolly did help me put some pieces in the other day, though. She found two of the five this weekend from a $25 donation!!

The goal is to finish this puzzle by our next court date (July 15). Tammy at I Must Be Trippin' wants to help things along and she's offered up a giveaway.

As always, thank you to everyone that has donated so far. I'm blown away by the generosity!! Thank you for the prayers as well. Things couldn't have gone better at court last week. My current prayer request is for everyone to pray that the State begin termination proceedings!!

The time has come for me to send another $1000 to Ms. Colorado. This fundraiser is certainly easing my fears of the unknown. I'm trusting God to provide! I know He will!! (P.S. it would be great if you could pray that a buyer come along for Mr. Amazing's small motorcycle. It was supposed to be for me to learn to ride on. We were keeping it because I've been certain that Dude and Dolly were going to leave and my parenting duties were going to be simplified. Since that - hopefully - won't be the case, we're selling the bike to help fund the intervention.)

Thank you everyone! Be sure to check out Tammy's giveaway!

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