Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hooping Challenge

This intervention has proven to be quite stressful for me.

Awww...who's kidding who?! Foster parenting has proven to be quite stressful for me!!!!

As I was putting strategies to deal with my stress in place, My Genius Sister challenged me. She agreed with one of the suggestions for me to exercise. Someone recommended yoga. My Genius Sister recommended I get my hula hoop back out.

I "learned" about hula hooping from Christine Moers blog. It has been proven to be very therapeutic for children and adults alike. Inspired by her I made dozens of hula hoops. We have about 8 or so at our house. I also made them for my neighbors, my mom and other friends/family. For awhile I was pretty good at getting my hoop out. I did it for fun. I did it for exercise. It was a good way to take a quick exercise break. Even Dolly learned how to hula hoop!! But lately, the hoop had been sitting idle outside in the back yard.

My sister is my rock. She lets me word vomit any time I need to. Often I'll call her when I get triggered about something and ask for "five minutes of therapy". She always obliges. She's so good to me!! So when she challenged me to start hooping again, I listened.

I have agreed to hula hoop for 10 minutes a day. It's good for my body and it's good for my soul. I'm not a fancy hooper. Just straight waist circles for me. But that's definitely good enough. So 10 minutes a day it is!!

As part of the challenge, My Genius Sister is going to hoop as well. During her hooping time she has committed to praying specifically for my family and this intervention.

I can't ask for more than that!!!

Day one My Genius Sister sent me an email telling me that while praying she kept coming back to the word "peace". So...she prayed for peace for my family.

I just love that.

And yesterday, when I didn't send her a text telling her that I had hooped my 10 minutes, she held me accountable. I got a text this morning that said, "Did you hoop yesterday?"

I called her and gave her a rundown of my evening.
- While making dinner one of my son's friends, Smelly Cat (long story...but it's a nickname formed out of love), told me that his dad is still in the hospital. While recovering from major surgery he's also had two heart attacks. Because Smelly Cat's mom suffered a massive stroke several years ago, he's at the mercy of others to go see his dad. I told him I'd take him to the hospital to visit his dad that very night.
- So, I fed the family dinner.
- I cleaned up from dinner.
- I kissed some cherubs goodbye.
- I dropped Herman and Bart off at church.
- I took Smelly Cat to the hospital.
- I picked up Herman and Bart from church.
- I dealt with a fair dose of defiance out of Bart while getting him ready for bed.
- I sat down at my computer to take care of just a few work things.
- Herman came down and started WWIII.
- Exhausted, I crawled into bed and crashed.

To make up for yesterday, I agreed to hoop 20 minutes today!! I also agreed to schedule time for myself to hoop earlier in the day from now on. I CAN carve 10 minutes out to take care of myself each day. I have to. And My Genius Sister will hold me accountable to it.

If you'd like to join me in the Hoop Challenge it's pretty easy. Just pick up a hula hoop and give yourself 10 minutes. Pray for your own family. (Pray for mine too please.) And we'll see what happens from there. Feel free to pop on here to tell me about your hooping. I'd love to hear from you!!


kate said...

You know, I *used* to be able to hula hoop. I got one last summer thinking it would be fun exercise to do with my daughter and....I can't anymore.


Will it come back?

CherubMamma said...

Do you have a homemade hula hoop Kate? Or is it store bought? Most likely, if it came from a traditional store, it's probably too small. A hula hoop should reach somewhere between your belly button and nipples. :) A heavier hoop is easier to keep up too.

Let me know if you want more info on making your own hoops.

Msmoozy said...

I need to make one for myself and my boys! I don't know how to keep it up though, I tried when we had the girls here and I feel almost right away. How can I do that for 10 mins when I can not even keep it up. LOL HELPPP... :-)

kate said...

I just found that out! I would love to know more about making my own. Can I do it for less than $25?

kate said...

only k8 at yahoo dot com

(Or, you could do a whole blog post... ;> )

Annie said...

Kate! How did you end up here!? How funny!

Anyway - I'm with Kate. I think I could do this as a child, but when I have picked one up recently, I've been unable to make it go. Last week I had a few out at a retreat I was doing and I noticed several of the children couldn't hoop either, which made me feel much better. :)

CandCFamily said...

I love that the dog is just laying there like if I hide maybe you won't try to get me to exercise.