Saturday, June 15, 2013

I'm not an emotional disaster

There is something to be said for knowing that even though there is court on Monday, it won't be as bad as usual. Praise God I don't have to bring the children. (That, in and of itself, is HUGE!) Dude and Dolly are going to go to day care. Bart and TT are going to go to swimming lessons and then to a community rec center. The other awesome part about Monday is Mr. Amazing has to attend this court session with me. He's never gone before. He either works or stays home with TT and Bart to help ease their anxiety. But this session is for US. If all goes as we've been praying, we will be "let in" to the case.

I'm pretty sure I'll need to make a payment to Ms. Colorado soon. Her fee is $200/hr. for court appearances. (I'll be praying court moves in a timely fashion on Monday for many reasons now!!)
The puzzle is coming along nicely. Everyone races to the table when a donation comes in. Everyone wants to help put in more pieces. Dolly has found a few all on her own and points them out to anyone that will pay attention. Much discussion has been had now that Dude's bear is all together. Dolly keeps pointing at the other young bear saying, "That's my nose Mommy. I'm right there!" Thank you all for your help in this adventure!! Our family is truly blessed!!!

I'm actually looking forward to Monday. It's going to be stressful. But because it's not a placement hearing I know that I don't have to worry about the children being moved to Dallas. I'm slightly curious to find out if they change anything about the July court date though. Before we intervened it was determined that we would have court July 1 so Bio Mom could be there. Her parole has been revoked though and she's still in jail. If we are let in to this case without issue I wonder what will happen next. This process is so foreign to me and I'm told so little. I'd love to talk forever with my lawyer but she charges $100/hr. for that. So, for now, I'm just going to trust her to do her job and I'm just going to wait. (Isn't that just how foster care works anyway? We take care of the kids and wait for everyone else around us to do their jobs?)

I y'all have a terrific weekend. We keep holidays (especially Hallmark ones) pretty low key around here. Mr. Amazing is going to fire up the pit tomorrow to smoke a couple chickens and some ribs. We'll have a yummy supper for sure!!

I'll write again Monday!!  :)

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